Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: F is for...

This week begins the second half of the alphabet.  Whew.  Let's get this half of the Alphabet Scramble started out with the letter F!

Family - I have two sets of families.  The one I grew up with and my new family.  :)  Here we are!

Dad, Mom, Jon, Nick and Trisha

Curtis, Trisha and Lucas

Feet - I love baby feet.  Lucas is lucky he has my feet and not Hubby's.  {Just trust me!}

Fever - Fortunately, Lucas hasn't had too many of these, especially nothing major.  But he did get sent home from school one day because their threshold is 101 degrees.  He actually was only at 100.5 but they called us anyway.  But when Hubby got the call he could have sworn he heard them say "One hundred five" which of course is 105!  That's an ER visit we're talking about...  But they left out the "point" and really meant 100.5, so we panicked for nothing.  Better safe than sorry.

What'cha gonna do with that, Mama??

Finger Food - We recently tried this with Lucas and that was at Easter when he got a canister of Gerber Graduates Puffs (Banana) in his basket from his Grammy and Granddaddy.  We were all sitting at the table eating our Easter ham.  I broke out the canister and gave him one to play with and see if he would take it. I showed him it was for eating and put it in his mouth.  He had it in there for a little bit and then spit it out.  I put in his mouth a second time because it wasn't dissolved yet.  The boy choked on it!  Fortunately it wasn't too bad.  Grammy was able to baby Heimlich him.  Needless to say we will be holding off on the Puffs for awhile.

[ image ]

[ image ]

Firsts - We've had some firsts so far.  But not the major ones like crawling or standing or walking or talking...  ::sigh::  He's not grown up just yet.  So his firsts so far have consisted of:

First Events:  Halloween,  Thanksgiving,  Christmas,  New Year's,  Super Bowl,  Valentine's Day,  St. Patrick's Day,  Easter

Formula - We were unfortunately unsuccessful at breastfeeding due to both problems with myself and Lucas.  He had problems latching correctly because he is slightly tongue-tied. {Here is a good explanation.}  In addition, I ended up not producing as much or as well as I had thought I would.  So within the first week we were using formula to supplement the breast milk.  Until eventually it was the breast milk that became the supplement to the formula.
          I absolutely hated pumping.  It might have been due to the fact that I would spend nearly an hour and only get two-four ounces of milk - from both boobs total!  It became more of an inconvenience unfortunately.
          So after two months of disappointment I decided to give up and Lucas is solely formula-fed.  It is expensive of course, and I'm finding a little bit of savings by purchasing from Costco.  I'm able to get a larger container for about the same cost AND I've been getting $5 voucher checks in the mail from Similac to use.  Those little registration cards at the doctor's office are good for something.  We also get free samples from the doctor's office whenever we go in for check-ups, like this week.

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