Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movies & Me

I love movies, I do.  But unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy them as much as I'd like to lately.  This having-a-dependant-thing can really dig into your free time, eh?  {Love my boy!} 

The last movie we saw in the theater was Hunger Games!  Boy, if that's the case then it's been awhile.  I'd like to try to see at least one movie a month per my 101 in 1001 list.  And on the list I wasn't counting April, but May was a loss.  :(

Meanwhile, I've managed to get some great Groupon deals lately for our local movie theater.  And I mean GREAT deals.  I've snagged up two of the same deals so Hubby better be prepared to find a sitter so we can go. 

THE DEAL:  Choose Between Two Options
$15 for a movie for two (up to a $43 total value)
•Two tickets (up to a $12 value each)
•Two medium drinks (a $4 value each)
•Two medium popcorns (a $5.50 value each)

$27 for a movie for four (up to an $86 total value)
•Four tickets (up to a $12 value each)
•Four medium drinks (a $4 value each)
•Four medium popcorns (a $5.50 value each)

I purchased, on two separate occasions, the first deal.  I mean it's ridiculous right?  $15 for 2x2x2??  I was further surprised to see it came up a second time, and I hope that it continues to pop up over and over again.  This will be a sure bet order for me and my credit card.

Now I just have to find the right movie(s) to go see.  Any suggestions?  {First I should say...Any babysitters??}

And just for some fun facts, here are some tidbits about me when it comes to the movie theater...

1) My first job was in high school working at the local theater with my HS sweetheart.  I think I only worked there for a few months before I decided to switch from new movies to old(er) movies, and got a job at the local movie rental store instead. 
     You get more of a selection and it's pretty much unlimited!  Not to mention that while you get some free swag at the theater there are a lot of workers there so the swag spreads pretty thin - seniority gets first pick.  Meanwhile at the video store, there's even more promotional t-shirts and posters with fewer workers, which equals more free swag to go around!

2) My first real movie date was to see "Titanic" in 1997.  As awesome as the movie is it is just too long to sit through on a date.  Probably not first date material!

3)  I don't like 3D movies.  I just can't sit through them.  I don't know why they are so great.

4) When the movie "Over the Hedge" came out in 2006 I was excited to go see it.  I had actually bought myself a Verne stuffed animal {he's the turtle, of course} before it released to the theaters.  When it was time to go see the movie with Hubby I insisted on bringing Verne with me.  Yes, I brought a stuffed animal with me to the theater.  Yes, at the time I was 23 years old.  I even made a point to show him off to the ticket salesperson, not caring if they gave me any funny looks.  I'm sure I got a smile out of it!

Say "Hi" Verne!

5) Before that, in 2005, "Brokeback Mountain" was released to theaters!  {I was so upset that they didn't win at the Oscars, and even later on about Heath's death.}  Anyway, I was set on going to see this movie in the theaters.  Sooooo determined that I didn't even bother asking Hubby to go with me because I figured he wouldn't want to see a movie with guys kissing {etc.}.  So I was headed out the door and was stopped and asked by Hubby, "Where ya going?"  "I'm going to see..."  "Okay, I'll go with you."  {insert SHOCKED face here}  And, yes, this is a true story.  I did NOT force him to go see "Brokeback Mountain".  He offered to go with me.  Although if asked he'd probably say the opposite.  :)

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