Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: S


Scrapbook - I've got a few scrapbooks in the works.  One I received from a baby shower that is for each of Lucas' birthdays, so that won't get finished until after he's turned 18.  That's a long work in progress.  Meanwhile I've been accumulating scrapbook stuff for all the holidays since he's been born and holding onto certain cards, etc., so that I can complete a scrapbook for his first year.  The plan is to do one for each year.  I hope I can stick to that idea too.

Smiles - Lucas is all about some smiles.  As I've said before, he's always called the "happiest baby" wherever we go because he will just bust out a smile at anyone.  At daycare they actually get concerned if he gets the slightest bit fussy because "that's just not him."  I love that boy!

Snores - Yes, he does.  But it's just so darn cute!

Socks - I'm a little bit crazy about his socks.  I don't like the plain white socks.  They have to be colorful!  And by the end of the day he's usually not wearing them anyway.  He loves to eat his own toes so he usually pulls his sock off to get to them.

Stroller - We don't use it enough.  We've taken Lucas out a few times, a walk in the park or around the mall, but we just need to do more of that.

Swing - Early on we borrowed my SIL's swing for Lucas and he loved it.  But it died.  It wasn't just battery operated though, it used a wall outlet.  So we're still not sure what went on with the wiring but it just decided one day it didn't want to go on anymore.  So eventually I picked up a Graco swing base that just uses your Graco carseat.  Not a big fan of it, it basically was just a seat holder for us.  Recently I actually just packed it away because the floor can do that just fine.  The speed control was either slow {barely moving} or super duper fast.

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