Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lucky 7

No check-up this month so no real measurements.  :(  BUT, we did happen to take Miley to the vet the other day and I decided to just plop Lucas up on the scale too!  Hehe.

Approximate Weight: 17.6lb - that's with some clothes and a diaper so knock off a few ounces for better accuracy.  That's only about a pound increase since his six month checkup.
Approximate Length:  27-1/4in - 3/4in increase
Approximate Head circumference:  43.5cm - no change

Honorable Mentions:

I still love my jumper. It's what's helping me get my legs oh-so-strong and ready to crawl and stand, and eventually walk. But of course lately I've preferred to be on the floor.

My biggest milestone: I have been scooting around a lot lately and going super duper fast.  I've even got some calluses forming on my left arm!  I think they call it "army" crawling but my Daddy likes to call it "sniper" crawling instead.  It won't be long before I get the hang of it and start to pick up on my knees and crawl for realz!  I'm already getting into a bunch of stuff, so won't it be so much cooler the stuff I'll be able to get into then?

I've been eating more and more and finally have tried some MEAT {Gerber-style, of course}.  My formula intake hasn't increased any - I take about six 5-6oz bottles each day.  And I sure am a good Pooper!
This past month we celebrated my Mama for both Mommy's Day and her birthday.  :) 

It was also Memorial weekend a few days ago.  So we went to the race track and I got to see my Daddy race for the first time!  Boy was it loud.  And boy did they go fast.  Before the race we went to a festival and got to see fossils.

I can't wait for next month.  :)

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