Sunday, May 20, 2012

a Wicked good time {and the difficulty it took to accomplish it}

As I mentioned on my birthday, we got tickets to see Wicked the Musical.  Scheduling finally made it possible to see it this weekend.  :)

Praise goes out to Auntie Holli for babysitting and to my MIL for standing by as backup.

Lucas sitting with Auntie

First, I mentioned the difficulties of making this event happen.  We bought these tickets months ago and had originally got tickets for the May 13 show.  That being Mother's Day.  We thought it would be a great idea to see it on Mother's Day since it was my first and also the day before my actual birthday.  But finding a babysitter that was available without having to take the following day off work proved to be difficult.  We didn't have anyone local since who we would ask had other places to be so that wasn't an option.  And like I said, those that could babysit would have had to take time off work that following Monday and I didn't want them to have to burn a vacation day.  So...I called and found out that we could reschedule our tickets.

I resheduled them for Saturday, May 18.

I was then informed that Hubby was actually on-call with work this weekend so that put a bind in my rescheduling {I couldn't reschedule again}, but because of the scheduling problems up until this point we decided to risk it  -- hoping that no machines went down and he got a call to run into work to fix the problems. 

The plan being that if he actually got called into work before the show started then Holli would be my date and my MIL would babysit since she would be nearby anyway.  Further on if he got a call during the show then he would just have to run out and leave me to watch the show on my own {not the best option but I'm not going to miss out}.  I would either get Holli or my MIL to pick me up when the show let out, or worst case, call a cab.

Now why would I go through all this trouble?  Why wouldn't I just get someone else to go with me and let Hubby sit at home to watch the All-Star Race while waiting to be called in to work?  Well, surprisingly enough to some, Hubby actually wanted to go see Wicked, or at least he wanted to take me to see it.  Such a sweetheart.  <3  He's no stranger to musicals.  He took me previously to see Mamma Mia {my second viewing} as well as a dinner theater version of a Grease spinoff during our honeymoon. is how the weekend played out.

First off, a machine went down.  He had to stay late at work Friday night, until about 7:30 I believe.  Then he had to go in for several hours Saturday morning but made it home before lunchtime.  Shortly after that Auntie Holli arrived and she and I headed out with Lucas to run some errands.  Fortunately by the time we got back home Hubby was still there, not off at work.  We made some dinner at home opting not to go out to eat. 

It was finally time to get going so Hubby and I left by 6:45 {for the 8:00 show}.  We arrived at the DPAC with plenty of time to get some drinks and mingle before finding out seats. 

We made it through the whole show.  :)  Hubby didn't get called in to work.  And the show was Fabulous.  Definitely strays a lot from the book which I should have known because most things do.  I don't know why though but I expected it to follow the book.  Of course the show would have been three times as long to get through all those details if that were the case.  But anywho, the show was Awesome and Hilarious!

Of course there is no photography or videos allowed during the show, so the following are pictures from my phone before it got started.

The Program

View from our seats of the stage.

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