Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Omaha Steaks Review

I'm not really a review type of person but I recently had a delivery from Omaha Steaks and thought I would share my experience.

First of all, I used a Groupon for an awesome deal for Omaha Steaks.  I've never tried them before and with Father's Day coming up and our getting a new grill I figured, Why not?

[ source ]

So I got the above Flavorful Feast Deal and immediately placed my order using the Groupon code on  My shipment arrived a few days later in a refrigerated cooler.  {UPS actually arrived way after 8pm that night too -- I think they are supposed to finish their home deliveries by 7pm.}

Upon opening the cooler I found it, well, not cool.  The "dry ice" was completely evaporated.  All the meat was thawed, still cool fortunately but of course, THAWED.  As in, NOT FROZEN.  Even the lava cakes were thawed out and they aren't supposed to be thawed at all.  You heat them up when they are still frozen.

Refer to their shipping information below.  Supposed to "arrive frozen".

[ source ]

So I immediately went to my order online, linked up to their customer service and sent them a message about my Disappointment.

The next day, Friday, they actually responded and were going to send out a replacement shipment. 

I received the shipment notification on Saturday...  Are you telling me that you seriously boxed up more meat on a Saturday, having to wait for Monday for it to be picked up and then having it scheduled for delivery for me on Wednesday?  Am I really going to get frozen meat this time??

:: crickets chirping ::

Good News!  My new meat box arrived and there was still a nice-size block of ice inside and the meat {and lava cakes} were still frozen.  Woohoo!  So the previous shipment, which was on the truck for less time by the way, must have had a bad seal or something since it didn't stay frozen.

So, as far as reviews go.  I haven't actually tried the meat yet.  But as far as the service, my first shipment came in non-frozen but Omaha Steaks quickly responded to my complaint and sent out another shipment, rectifying the issue.  And I received a good set of filet mignon, sirloin steaks, franks and lava cakes.  Can't wait until we eat 'em up.

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