Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remembering Parsil

Do you remember Parsil?  My parsley/basil plant from only 2.5 weeks ago?  Well, he's been sitting next to my kitchen sink and window, the best place to get some sun as well as making sure he's get watered often enough.

Yeah, well, still no luck.  I swear to you I can manage to kill the lowest maintenance plant if you were to give it to me.  I never even got to use any of the leaves for cooking.  :(

Parsil Before....Parsil After (2.5 weeks later)


  1. Poor Parsil! Too bad he looks like so many that meet the same doom at my house! I can keep hanging baskets alive on the porch during warm weather, that's it.

  2. Aw. It's okay, I also kill plants.

  3. I want so badly to get a cute flowering plant for outside the front door. But I would just never get around to watering it and it wouldn't make it two days. :/


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