Monday, April 23, 2012

So Long Hammy

You remember the Hammock I raved about here and here?  Well, it's finally time for Hammy to move on.

Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper

Lucas has literally started to roll over in it this month.  It's not that easy to do considering the way it's made, form fitting and all.  And Lucas has been sitting up more in it as well.  That's the sign that he's getting too big for it.  And I'm not surprised, this is about the time frame I was expecting this to happen.

So time to pack up the Hammock - it's been a wonderful six months!  Now what are we going to use in the living room to house Lucas when we are running around trying to get other stuff done?

We had just packed up the Pack 'n Play before Easter after finally removing it from our bed room.  Guess it's time to pull it back out!

We had to do some furniture rearranging since our living room isn't that big.  And actually we aren't using the dining room at all for its intended purpose so it's becoming a storage area.  So we just moved the loveseat into the dining room along with the coffee table that's been in their since we brought Lucas home.  Then we moved the recliner into the spot where the loveseat was.  And the recliner used to be in front of the fireplace...  Yeah, we never use it and like I said, the room is small.  So now the Pack 'n Play is in front of the fireplace.

Baby Prison!

Now I really do think that Lucas considers it a prison.  The few times that we've used it for traveling he has not liked it at all.  He just wouldn't sleep for very long and would want to come out.  So it's taking some getting used to for all of us.

But we're Happy!

He actually leaned into my kiss here.  :)

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