Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solids to Sleep

First attempt at introducing Lucas to solid foods involved a little bit of rice cereal.  I did what the box said, 1Tbsp of cereal to 4-5 Tbsp of formula mixed up in a bowl.  Overall, I probably got him to take half of it, and even then maybe only half of that he swallowed with the rest ending up on his bib or all over his chin.  Good thing we gave him his bath afterward and not before.

I even tried to give him the last half in his bottle, which from my readings is not recommended because "they" want baby to associate the food with a spoon not the bottle.  But yeah, that didn't work so well either.  He was either full, as I gave him some regular formula in between attempts, or he was just not fooled.  Oh well, we shall attempt again this evening.  This weekend I plan on picking up some veggies for him to try.  Squash? Sweet Potato?

I will also say that he had one more bottle before bed time.  Hubby put him to bed around 10pm (I was already asleep by 9pm after having my Theraflu).  I woke up to him continuously coughing in the first hour.  When I kept checking him he was sleeping on his side and looked peaceful even through the awful coughing noises.  So Hubby put him in his "hammock" so he'd sleep inclined and I never heard another noise out of him.  By 6am I had to actually wake him up instead of him rousing himself.  He pretty much slept through his diaper change too.   I'd say he slept good!


  1. Wow veggies already!? It's crazy how different the advice is from each doctor! I can't wait to start seems fun! I'm sure the poops aren't fun though haha.

  2. I'm a little hesitant after our cereal experience. And he didn't have the weight gain he should have had this doctor's visit. But the Doc said since Lucas has such great head control and already trying to scoot around that the cereal and veggies are fine to try.

    As for the poops, we will see! I'm a bit spoiled because he tends to do most of his poops during the day at school. I almost forget what to do with those diapers when it's the weekend.

  3. We've had to change Hunter's bath time now after he eats also. He is such a mess! Especially if he is eating sweet potatoes or peas! My goodness! We started Hunter on giving him rice cereal in his bottle when he was about 4.5 months. We only did it at night. So as far as it affecting his eating from a spoon, I didn't see any major differences. They know. Good luck! I'm spoiled too with his #2's that he does mostly at day care now. I hardly deal with them..just the laundry part of it =)


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