Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Alive!

Happy Five Months to my baby boy today. I can't believe how much he's growing right before my very eyes.

There is no check-up scheduled this month so I don't have any stats to report. :(
But here's a recap on Month Five's accomplishments.

**Update 4/2/12: Because of a fever scare we went to the doctor and he weighed in at 14lb 13.5oz, up from 13lb 15oz at 4mths.  We also attempted to measure him at home and we got 42cm head circumference and 26in length.  Those are very slight differences from 4mths, so I'm not sure if we are measuring correctly.  But that's the update at 5mths!
Foods I've tried:

  • Squash
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Sweet Potato
  • Peas - YUCK!
  • Apples - just started and seem to love 'em!

I was a bit sick in the middle of the month as I seemed to be extra congested and it affected my appetite. For a time there I couldn't keep much down, but now my appetites back and I'm getting hungrier!

I started sleeping in my own room this month too. I'm a Big Boy! But I miss my Mama and Daddy some nights and it's just hard to get to sleep.

I'm a professional Roller now but I wouldn't say I'm too mobile - I don't roll all over the place except for maybe doing a 360° on the floor.

I like to lean forward and try to sit up but I'm just not sturdy enough yet to stay sitting on my own.

I've really gotten the hang out of my Jumper now too. I finally reach the floor perfectly and I actually JUMP! Mama and Daddy watched me last night for the longest time as I played in my jumper and they kept clapping and smiling at me. Of course I smiled back as I always do!

I also love technology. I love to watch the TV, mainly sports with Daddy. And whenever Mama's playing with her phone I have to grab at it instead of playing with my own toys.

Well Done Please?

This was the second time I botched this!  I really need to get myself a little deep fryer.  I always get the oil way too hot when pan frying and I burn them!  The outside of course gets all black and crispy without cooking the inside a bit.  [Although Hubby just split it open, fried the inside, and actually ate them.  Eww.]

If you haven't ever tried this before then you really need to check out this recipe, Cap'n Crunch Chicken.

I would ALWAYS get this whenever me and my coworkers would go to happy hour at Fratello's in Oshkosh.  Of course now they have to call it by their own name but at the time I frequented this joint they actually did call them by its true name.  They serve it with the BEST honey mustard sauce too.

If only I could recreate it myself.  
One time.  


And since I posted this I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to add some pictures I had of fun times at Fratello's!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: P is for... Part Two

This is Part Two of the Letter P Edition of this week's Alphabet Scramble.  Check out Part One here.

And I have to retract what was said about Peas in the previous Part One post.  The past two days at daycare he hasn't wanted anything to do with them.  I'm putting Peas into the Failure category - to try again later on.

Pregnancy - Now I'd have to say overall I probably had an easy pregnancy. I didn't get morning sickness aside from a few times where I felt a little queasy, but it was more or less just as if it was running in the background and fortunately never came up (pun intended). I'd say I started showing early enough thanks to my First and Second Breakfasts that I enjoyed while at work. So I broke out the maternity pants/shorts as soon as I could.
           I was very careful during my first trimester to avoid all the "bad" stuff that you are told about. I had absolutely no caffeinated beverages. By the time second trimester came around I was a lot more lax. One caffeine drink is perfectly fine each day so I definitely enjoyed my Dr. Pepper's when I could. And I would have my share of fish each week.
           I started to feel Lucas kick the week I was due to get my Gender Ultrasound. I was enjoying Burger King for lunch and treated myself to a Hershey Pie for dessert, and all of a sudden I felt this fluttering off to one side. He sure enjoyed all that sugar too! For the bulk of the pregnancy he stayed in the same position. He was always head down with his butt up toward my right side and legs off the my left side.
           My sleeping troubles really became an issue at the end of my second trimester and hit full-force throughout my third trimester. Between not being able to sleep comfortably and the heartburn I would get in the middle of the night made my last 1-2 months the worst. My feet didn't really start swelling until the last two weeks I think - and now I've permanently gained a half shoe size. (Sad because my cowboy boots fit me perfectly before!)
           The last few weeks of course were unbearable to me because I was VERY ready for him to come out. I just wanted to be comfortable again. Unfortunately he was was too cozy (and stubborn) so he was approximately nine days past due. Hubby and I did a ton of walking that final week. There are several malls nearby and we walked three of them hoping to get him to descend. I remember having people ask the infamous "When are you due?" And as the time went by it was "In two days..." "Yesterday..." "Last week..." People were awed that I was wobbling around the mall. Eventually we had to give Lucas the push he needed and I went in for Induction.

Belly Progress!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: P is for... Part One

This week's SECOND edition of the Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter P.

This one has been split into two segments.  Stay tuned for Part Two...

Pacifier - Lucas got started early on with his pacifier thanks to Hubby. A little earlier than I had planned but Hubby was trying to quiet him. It's so cute when he falls asleep with it and then it falls out. He'll still be doing this sucking face with his lips and tongue. I've been using the Nuk brand for most everything (bottles and pacifiers) because the nipples are supposed to be closest to the breast shape. I picked up the gummy kind that Nuk makes later on and it's taken him some more time to get used to those. They are denser I guess and have a different weight to them but he's getting the hang of those too.

Pajamas - He's still sleeping in his warm footies and/or a onesie within a sack. But now that it's Spring it's finally warming up and he's able to wear lighter footies or even just a gown. I just don't like him not having anything on his feet but he just kicks off his socks so easily. But this picture is of a cool set of Cars pajamas I picked up for him when he's a little bigger!

Peas and Sweet Potatoes - We just started on peas this past weekend which I made with the Baby Bullet from a frozen bag. The first try he didn't eat a whole lot but he didn't make a Yucky face so I considered it successful. He's been eating it at daycare fine too. Personally I think peas are yummy! Before that he had sweet potatoes but I had just bought the Gerber packs for him. He did love those too. And even if he didn't I would have eaten them myself - YUM!

Fake Poop
Poop - This is very plentiful and since he's started solid food Lucas' poops have come in different varieties. We've even had some solid poops! Boy to watch his face strain when he's doing those... :) 
[I had to have a Poop picture!]

 Stay tuned for Part Two!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: H is for...

This week's Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter H!
Hat - You gotta keep that little head covered! Lucas' very first knitted hat was given to us by our Nurse at the hospital. She was the first nurse I had when I arrived for my induction at the hospital. So she was there all day with me until about 7pm. I had another nurse the rest of the night until I delivered just before 5am. But at 7am she was back to meet Lucas and get me settled into our Mother/Baby room. Before we left the hospital she gave us a baby blue knitted hat that she said her mother had made. She likes to make several of them and pass them out to the babies. It's a lot more special than the generic hospital hat that we were also given.
Hammock - This is the affectionate name we have given Lucas' Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper. We love this thing and use it every day. We used it for the first few weeks after he was born so he could sleep right next to me. It's so portable that we just moved it back and forth between the bedroom and the living room. And we've taken it with us on trips, which is a spacesaver compared to pack 'n plays. Now it just stays in the living room, and in the mornings we put him in it and set it in front of the television so he can watch music videos or sports. And on nights he doesn't feel very well we will put him in it to sleep so he'll be inclined.

High chair - We just invested in a Spacesaver high chair that grows as your child does and it takes up less space since it just fits on one of your existing chairs. I also picked up awhile ago a portable one that looks just like the fold up chairs we use at the race track. That will be his very own racing seat.
Hungry - I've posted this video of Lucas before. This is his I'm-Hungry-Cry. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tsk Tsk: Naughty I've Been

So I can't remember getting onto the computer at home at all last week, and I definitely missed last week's Alphabet Scramble.  But that just means that I have to make up for it this week and post TWO letters.  I sure hope I can handle that.

And I have been taking my Daily Photos but I've been bad about posting them to the site.  But in all fairness, I did WARN you about that.

So I've got to set aside some blog-time.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Presents from Nana

Last week we received a package of goodies that Nana ordered from and had sent to us. Just a few things to get me going on feeding solid foods to Lucas and for making my own baby food. I think he enjoyed playing with them even though they weren't toys. Doesn't matter what it is as long as he can slobber on it. :)

Alphabet Scramble: A is for...

This week's Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter A. The first VOWEL!

Achoo - It's that time of year being Winter and changing into Spring that we've all noticed a little more sneezing. I, myself, am sneezing like crazy as I type. Lucas has also been quite congested on and off for the last two months. But he is so cute when he sneezes. Sometimes he does this little sigh right after a series of sneezes!  I only wish I had a video of this.

Afghan - We've got a few of these for Lucas which are very special because they were handmade for him. The most important being from my recently deceased Grandmother (A). She and Lucas were fortunate enough to meet this past Thanksgiving, when he was one month old, just before she passed. I was glad to be able to get these tokens from her for my child (and future children). We also received an afghan blanket and pillow set from a family friend of Hubby's (B) and another afghan blanket from a friend of my Mother's (C). Another one was given to us from my Mother in Law (D) which was used by Hubby when he was little. We get a lot of use out of them and you can most often see them as the backdrops for Lucas' monthly photos or in photos of him laying on the couch.

Look at that Green Mess!  :)
Avocado - This was the first food I made in my new Baby Bullet. It's one of the easiest to puree since it's already soft and you don't have to cook it. So I'm taking baby steps! Lucas has been doing well with the Avocado. I don't think it's got the best flavor but it's definitely really good for him.  Today he actually had it at daycare, his first time being fed there.  Next up is Bananas which I hope to whip up tonight!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Desktop Plaque

  Desktop Plaque
Quick and easy: Christmas photo card creation at Shutterfly.
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Lessons I've Learned, Chapter Three

Okay, so this one is really about poking fun at Hubby.  I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, at least maybe not PUBLICLY, as I'm a bit embarrassed on his behalf.  Needless to say, he OPTED OUT of going to the Baby Care Class with me.  But really...common sense??


To clarify, upon actually observing Hubby's diaper changing technique it came to my realization that he neglected to use wipes unless the diaper was dirty.  Thus, if it's just wet then slap on a new diaper and he's ready to go!  His reasoning: "Urine is sterile!"  My response: "If his family jewels develop gangrene and fall off then we know who's to blame."

I don't know if his reasoning has any merit.  Us girls, we wipe everything because we sit down.  You guys just shake it off, right?  But you can't just shake it off!  And I'd rather know he's clean.  Lucas has been pretty fortunate not to have any diaper rash incidents to date so so far so good.  But really?  I bought a big case of wipes from Costco for a reason.  How about we use 'em?

So now whenever I happen to observe his diaper changing techniques he does use a wipe.  But who's to say he's just doing it for my benefit?  Maybe when I'm not around he's stubbornly boycotting the wipes?  If only Lucas could tattle tale!  :)

366: February

[ January ]

2012 is for the Girls

Y'all are making me jealous!  Everyone I know now is having baby girls this year.  Whereas everyone I knew (including myself) had boys last year (Lacey, you're one of the exceptions!)  Congrats to all the little ones!

Makes me want to get knocked up again in time to have one by the end of 2012 so I can have a girl.  But rest assured that's not likely to happen so soon.  Still getting used to the one I have before the warranty expires.  :)

And I'm very glad I had a boy first.  Honestly I always knew my first would be a boy.  As if I had any say in it...  I love my Lucas!

2011 was for the Boys

2012 is for the Girls

Friday, March 9, 2012

Broom Epidemic

Okay, I felt obligated to vary on the recent "Broom Epidemic" (as I would like to call it) that I've been seeing on Facebook.

Here is my version.  

Take that!

Now for all the copy-cats...
(As if I had that many followers.)

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking's an example of one of the Broom photos floating around.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coffee Mishaps

Okay, I've slipped twice at work.  It was just one of those (well, two) cold mornings when I needed to shake that chill and a hot tea just wouldn't do.  So I didn't even make it two weeks into the forty days.  Terrible, I know.  But my coffee consumption had reduced drastically which was my goal so I'm still proud.  And I will still continue to limit my intake.

So, perhaps I should revise it from "no coffee" to let's say, one coffee per week?  I think that, I can manage.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: J is for...

This week's Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter J. Which was chosen by you in a Facebook poll last week. Thanks for your participation!

Jars of baby food - Well, now-a-days some of them come in plastic containers but it's all the same! We attempted Squash with Lucas this past week and he wasn't very fond of it. Not sure yet if it was just because it was food and not his familiar bottle or if he really didn't like squash. But we'll get there eventually. And now I plan on jarring some of my own food for him.

Jaundice - Refer to the first definition below. When Lucas was born he apparently had a high level of bilirubin and we were told we may see this in him within the first few days. Fortunately he never got it. He's been a wonderful healthy baby.
jaun·dice/ˈjôndis/ Noun:
  1. 1. A medical condition with yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, rising from excess of the pigment bilirubin and typically caused by obstruction of the bile duct, by liver disease, or by excessive breakdown of red blood cells
  2. 2. Bitterness, resentment, or envy.
Jumper - I've talked about this a few times already. Lucas is really getting into playing in his jumper. He's still just a wee bit too short to reach the floor at its lowest setting but we just put on of our sofa pillows beneath him so he can try to standy up a bit and actually try to jump if he wants.


Snot Rags

This is an image of my bedside table from the past few days.  And this is actually cleaned up a bit!  Today was trash day and I'm sure we've got one bag worth of just tissues in the dumpster.

I've been sick about a week now with this cold.  And the last four days were miserable.  I'm glad I was sick on the weekend so I didn't have to miss too much of work but I still missed two days.  And I have to give lots of love to Hubby for his help.  He managed to get Lucas to daycare the past two days and take care of him while I tried to recuperate.  Of course as soon as they both got home in the evening I had to get my hands on my baby and give him big hugs.  Hubby got one too.

Lucas has had a cold and cough also.  If you remember we were starting him on solid foods last week.  We actually tried Squash the first two nights which he didn't seem to like.  But I hear the same reaction would've occurred regardless of the food choice.  But with him being sick he's had a loss of appetite so I've halted solid foods for now.  Except for the rice cereal.  We've still been giving him a little bit at night in his bottle.  So we'll keep that up for a few weeks until his appetite is back on track.  Then it's back to the Squash attempt!

I also broke down and got a Baby Bullet.  I plan on trying Bananas first and then maybe Avocado next.  Since neither of those need to be cooked and they are soft enough to blend.  Should be the easiest for a first-timer.  

I can't wait until I'm snot-free!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solids to Sleep

First attempt at introducing Lucas to solid foods involved a little bit of rice cereal.  I did what the box said, 1Tbsp of cereal to 4-5 Tbsp of formula mixed up in a bowl.  Overall, I probably got him to take half of it, and even then maybe only half of that he swallowed with the rest ending up on his bib or all over his chin.  Good thing we gave him his bath afterward and not before.

I even tried to give him the last half in his bottle, which from my readings is not recommended because "they" want baby to associate the food with a spoon not the bottle.  But yeah, that didn't work so well either.  He was either full, as I gave him some regular formula in between attempts, or he was just not fooled.  Oh well, we shall attempt again this evening.  This weekend I plan on picking up some veggies for him to try.  Squash? Sweet Potato?

I will also say that he had one more bottle before bed time.  Hubby put him to bed around 10pm (I was already asleep by 9pm after having my Theraflu).  I woke up to him continuously coughing in the first hour.  When I kept checking him he was sleeping on his side and looked peaceful even through the awful coughing noises.  So Hubby put him in his "hammock" so he'd sleep inclined and I never heard another noise out of him.  By 6am I had to actually wake him up instead of him rousing himself.  He pretty much slept through his diaper change too.   I'd say he slept good!
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