Monday, May 28, 2012

Small Town Festival

This weekend we went to Hubby's hometown where they were celebrating Memorial weekend with their annual Fossil Festival and Parade.  We went with Grammy and Uncle Gary.  Not only was this Lucas' first time at this festival but it was mine too.

Welcome to Aurora, North Carolina.  Where the water tower has a shark named Digger on it.

First we parked down the road at Hubby's grandmother's house.  And we walked a few blocks to Main Street.  We stood at the side of the street to watch as the parade started to go by.  It wasn't too long before it started to lightly rain, so the camera didn't get to stay out very long until it started to clear up.  What was missed: The small high school band marched by and then a few classic cars and the fire trucks. 

Then the downpour came again and we ducked under a nearby tent for cover.  When it let up again we headed back out to stand by the street to continue watching.

The Piggly Wiggly is the big grocery store in town.  And they had their HUGE shopping cart in the parade.  It's motorized!

Then a bunch of horses with their riders walked by.  Hubby's Uncle Tommy was riding one of his horses.  Needless to say that the horses are at the tail end of the show.  {They tend to make a mess that no one wants to follow!}  Once the parade was over we walked by the mound of rejects that the Aurora Fossil Museum has next to one of their buildings.  All the kids were digging for sharks teeth.  {A bit too muddy with the rain.}

Then across the street we ran into Granny!  She came with several of her friends.  Of course she loves {LOVES} baby feet so she usually has to take Lucas' shoes/socks of to get to them.  Fortunately he was already barefoot so she had easy access.  Hi Granny!

We walked by the museum and opted not to go inside.  It is way too busy on this day.  We'll take Lucas there another time.  But then we had to stop and get some homemade ice cream!  Hubby and I shared a Vanilla/Chocolate mixture.

Then we walked on over to the festival area where they actually had all the fun stuff.  Unfortunately Lucas is still too young to enjoy the slides and inflatables so we just snapped a few shots as we walked by.  Can't wait until he's a big kid!

The last area we looked at was the classic car show.  They even had a "General Lee" car!  When also saw Cousin Mike at the car show.  Then we were headed back to grandmother's house with a funnel cake we picked up for her.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day after the rain decided to move on.  Not too bad for Lucas' first parade and festival.  Next year we will get to do a lot more with him.

Note: This town doesn't have any stop lights.  They do, however, have three (yes, three) flashing lights at their "busiest" intersections.  :)

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