Monday, May 7, 2012

Chicas de Mayo

Thank goodness for a weekend getaway with the girls.  
Myrtle Beach for Cinco de Mayo was a blast.

Kenda, Trisha, Terra, Holli

I also took advantage of the opportunity to try out my new camera lens!  Such a beautiful view.  But we didn't do a whole lot of touristy stuff that I could bring my big camera along too.  So several photos are with my phone.

Friday night we all met up at our condo at the Sea Watch Resort.  The ladies carpooled from Charlotte while I had to drive down myself from Durham.  But we managed to arrive about the same time.

The View

We all got dolled up and went out to eat at the Giant Crab buffet.  Terra and I were soooo excited about the crab legs, but we were mighty disappointed.  It was the last batch at night and they were overcooked, not too yummy. 

Then we headed over to Flip Flops for some drinks.  :)

Saturday we all got up and headed just outside our condo to the beach.  Someone forgot to put on suntan lotion {Terra!}. 

After a few hours of sunning at the beach, Holli and I went to the pool to cool off in the lazy river while Kenda and Terra stayed on the beach.  Once we all got showered and cleaned up we once again got all dolled up for another night out. 

Our first stop was Ocean Annie's at Sands Resorts where we met up with Kenda's friend, Scott.  It was already crowded by 4 o'clock but we got our drinks and took advantage of having a fifth person to get some group shots of us.  :)

Then it was time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some Mexican food.  We headed out to Conway, SC over to El Patio's.  We were very surprised it wasn't already crowded and the food was yummy.  I just ate a vegetarian bean burrito.  But we had to get ourselves a pitcher of strawberry Margaritas!

Next door was Coastal Ale House.  An old high school friend of Terra's bartends there so we headed over there to say HI!!  He surprised us with a round of drinks {Thanks David!}.  I had to take a quick snapshot of myself in the bathroom.

Then we had to make a Walmart run for some Solarcaine.  Remember, I said Terra forgot neglected to use suntan lotion.  She was red as a lobster.  AND, someone else missed putting lotion on her feet {me}.  We had to go to two different Walmarts before we found some.  They were hidden in a special display that was close to the front of the store - of course, we missed it the first time around.

Once we got back to the room the rain finally rolled through.  We sat and watched the storm from our balcony.  Below is the best shot I got of the Supermoon that night, a bit blurry from the rain.  The next morning I found that instead of pulling out the couch bed where the sheets and blanket were, Kenda opted to crash on the couch and used my {sandy} beach towels as a blanket.  ;)

I got up a little early and took a stroll on the beach and dipped my toes in the water.  Finally breaking out the camera to take some photos.  It was still a bit misty from the storm but it was clearing up.

View of the Condo
Hello Birdie!
Hello Waves!

After checking out we headed to the nearest Eagles store to get some souvenirs, then to the Tanger Outlet for more souvenirs!  We made a trip into Coach and I shopped the clearance section.  I was able to afford a cute wristlet for $39.  At least now I can say I own a Coach "bag".  :)

The final stop for our trip was to grab some lunch at Hamburger Joe's.  We had our yummy burgers and fries and said our goodbyes.  :(

Thanks Ladies for a great weekend. 
I got some color and enjoyed some girl time. 
Now to plan our next vacation!

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  1. Fantastic weekend! xoxo - An Auntie


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