Thursday, May 31, 2012

Animal House

When we were leaving my in-law's house this past weekend we stopped to say goodbye to Granny on our way out.  Only she wasn't home.  It's a good thing we at least saw her the day before at the festival

But next door lives one of Hubby's uncles, Sam, who was outside tending to his animals. 

When I first met this family I only recall Sam having several dogs, majority were rottweilers I believe.  And he might have had a horse or two at the time(?).  But over the years he's become more and more involved with collecting a variety of animals.  He still has several dogs although some have come and some have gone.  He has one horse right now although it's not much of a rider.  And in recent years he's collected some goats!  He's got nine as of right now.  And most recently he came across a baby deer that he took in to care for.  {He named him Bambi!}

So we stopped by for a few minutes to chat with Uncle Sam while little Lucas was asleep in the car.  And I brought out the camera to take some photos of the goats.  Sam spent several minutes trying to coax Bambi out of his hiding place in a nearby trailer where it was cooler.  Finally Bambi appeared and I was able to get some photos of the two-year-old as well.

I've always wanted to go inside the fence and play with the goats but they have gotten BIG - and they have quite some HORNS now too.  Let's not and say I did...

We didn't stay out there too long because the mosquitos were TERRIBLE.  Another reason we let Lucas sleep instead of bringing him out to see Uncle Sam and the animals.  And it's a good thing I was wearing long jeans instead of shorts, but I was wearing my flip-flops so my feet are now sporting lovely red {and itchy} bites.

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