Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lucas' First ER Visit

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Yes, you read that right.  Actually, I sure hope it's not his "first" - I sure hope it's his only.

And to think I haven't posted in awhile because I haven't had the time or a topic to blog about.  Guess this is newsworthy.

First, I should say that I've been telling Hubby for months that I wanted to replace our living room furniture...  The side of the arms are wooden and the recliner itself is mostly wooden with just the seat and back cushions.  I told Hubby that all that wood could be a problem when he starts getting around.  Hmm, guess maybe he'll listen to me now?

So, Lucas was doing his usual walking around along all the furniture and I guess Miley was nearby and distracted him, he lost his balance and fell into the recliner's corner.  {Bad Miley!  Bad Furniture! ...gotta blame something.}  A lot of crying from the fall but he's been falling down a lot lately because of how active he's become.  Hubby picked him up to calm him down.  A minute or two later he notices the big lump on his forehead.  Big is really an understatement.  That thing swelled up Fast!

The Recliner {Hi Auntie Kenda!}

We both panicked.  It was a big lump that looked bruised, so you could tell the blood was coming to the surface, without there being an actual cut so no actual blood loss.  And then you could see a line/indention across the lump where he actually hit the edge of the recliner.


So I'm running around trying to figure out what we need to bring with us because we had to run to the doctor.  I was already in PJ's so I changed super quick, grabbed our HSA card and his diaper bag and we got into the car.  It was about 7:30pm.  We really wanted to avoid the ER so I Google-mapped on my phone "urgent care" and we headed for it.  I double-checked their website to see how late they were open and it said 8:00pm.  We had twenty minutes to make it there and we only live maybe four miles away.

We get there and THEY ARE CLOSED.  The stupid place closes at 6:00pm!  Update your freaking website! Ugh.  Well, the hospital is just around the corner so we head to the ER.  It was pretty busy.  But an infant with a head injury gets you rushed through.  I think we waited maybe three minutes before the triage nurse called us back.  Kinda felt guilty about all the people who had obviously been there awhile.  But infant with a head injury...

By then Lucas was doing well, he hadn't cried anymore since right after he fell.  Hubby and I had gone in thinking we need to be prepared to answer A LOT of questions.  I mean, I infant with a head injury.  Fortunately we weren't Social Services-worthy.  {And we shouldn't be!  I mean remember how often I've told you we hear how he's "the happiest baby"?  We take real good care of him!} 

Some of the questions asked:
How far did he fall?  He was standing up and fell into the recliner.
Did he lose consciousness at all?  No.

I've heard plenty from Lucas' teachers and his doctor that they get plenty of bumps and bruises at this age.  They are so active and learning how to get around.  Definitely the truth.

I have to say that we were in and out of the ER within thirty minutes.  Our concerns were a concussion but they said we shouldn't be worried and that it will be fine if he sleeps.  An ice pack would be best but good luck trying to get that near him at this age.  I tried to use it this past weekend when he was feverish for 3-4 days and it was a no-go.  Only other thing they said to worry about was if he acted strangely and if he vomited more than once.  So far so good.

The Bump - about half the size it was at its most swollen. 
Photo just doesn't do it justice.

We were also told that it was a very good thing that it swelled up like it did because it meant the injury wouldn't be internal, his eyes and ears checked out, and he will most likely have a black eye!  The blood pulled at the lump site will likely settle and because of the location right above his eye it will probably bruise there causing a shiner.  Lucas' first shiner!
All in all, I have to say that I'm just glad that Hubby was home.  If this had happened while he was away at work I would have panicked much much more!

A night of many firsts for my boy.  Poor thing.  But I tell ya, he's a trooper.  I actually said that earlier this week after his feverish weekend because he was still on the go the whole time.  He really is a trooper.  But also a klutz.  :)  Just like his Dada.

Stock photo of Hubby after his last ER visit; stitches and a black eye after getting hit by a softball during league practice.  :)

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  1. Yikes! It still looks pretty swollen from the picture. Can’t imagine how big it was before you got to the ER. As for the hubby, can’t really blame him. Those softballs are not soft at all, especially when coming to you at more than 70 miles per hour.



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