Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Half Birthday!

Lucas is SIX months young!

Yes, I'm THAT mom that gets him a little cake for his half birthday.  And in fact, I actually tried to find one of those half cakes that the grocery store's sell.  Except all they had were the fancy ones and I just wanted a simple white/vanilla cake or something.  So unfortunately this geeky mom didn't get to give him a half cake for his half birthday.  :(

Today, Lucas went in for his six month checkup and had to get shots!  He was so great and barely cried.  I think Hubby would have cried more.  Here are the results from his six month checkup:

Weight: 16lb 9.5oz (25%) - 1.75lb increase from 5 months!
Length: 26-1/2in (75%) - only 1/2in increase from 5 months
Head: 43-1/2cm (50%) - 1.5cm increase from 5 months
** The Doctor thinks he didn't grow in length as much probably because he hasn't hit his growth spurt yet.  No worries!

Now, a few words from Lucas himself...

My Milestones!

I am an Eating Machine!  Just three weeks ago I was eating a half tub of baby food twice a day at school.  Now I'm eating a full tub each feeding!  And now that I'm six months old and have gone through all of Gerber's 1st Foods I just now started their 2nd Foods.  Mama and Nana just went on a shopping spree and got me a bunch to try.  I think we're stocked for the next month!

Since the last check-in I've also tried:
  • Green beans
  • Pears **
  • Carrots
  • Peaches
  • Peas - second attempt!  Which was a flop
  • Prunes **
  • Garden Vegetables - first of the Gerber's 2nd Foods

** Hehe, I've had two diaper explosions after eating prunes.  Mama made the mistake of giving me a full tub instead of just a half tub.  I think she's learned her lesson.  But I do have to say this much...  Prunes may have the messiest diapers (nothing else has compared) BUT Pears has them beat for smelliest diapers (gas mask please!).

And because I'm getting so much bigger I just went up to Size 3 Huggies.  I have a package of 2's left over but they were getting snug.  And Mama is getting my new 6-9 month clothes ready for me to wear.  A whole new wardrobe, cool!

I'm really chatty even though I don't have any real words to say yet. Although Mama seems to understand me well enough. I do say "Hi" and "Hey" a lot - that's how Mama interprets it anyway! And she thinks that some of my jumbled words are "I luv you" and I just let her think that so I can hear her say "I love you too!"

I've graduated from a Supported Sitter to a Sitter!  I've been sitting up really well on my own recently.  The length of time that I stay sitting before I fall is increasing too (because I'm bound to fall, right?).  But really, I haven't been falling much.  I'm just not able to actually get up on my own to sit.

Sitting in my toy basket

I forgot to mention that last month we celebrated St. Patrick's Day but I didn't really get to do much.  For some reason it was more of a Big Person holiday and they went and crawled without me since apparently I can't crawl yet.  But I got to spend a whole night with Nana and Grandpa!   

So this month we celebrated my first Easter and I got to visit my Great-Great-Grandmother in West Virginia.  I got a few Easter baskets with a LOT of cool stuff, and I also got two chocolate bunnies, but I didn't get to eat them yet.  Again, I'm not big enough I guess.

Lucas with Grandma Ada

I've also grown out of my Hammock this month.  I had some good times with Hammy but now I get more space in my Prison...er, I mean, Pack 'n Play.  I'm getting used to it though.  I get lots of room to play with my toys or circle around on my tummy.

We also had our first professional family photos taken!  I got to meet a 'sister' of Mama's and she was PRETTY! Her and her hubby are a photo duo team and we got to spend some time outside on a pretty day.  I got to sit and lay around while they just took my photo.  How easy of a job is that?

Isn't it funny how I've gotten TOO BIG for some things and yet I'm not BIG ENOUGH for others?  This being a kid thing can get frustrating.  But I've been told that I shouldn't grow up too fast.  This being a kid thing can also have its benefits!

And lastly, Still no teeth!

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