Monday, May 28, 2012

Racer Boy {in training}

This Saturday we took Lucas to his first race. 

We went to Hubby's old stomping grounds at New Bern Motorsports Park where he bracket raced his Dad's Camaro Z28 in the Modified "Foot-brake" class.  Hubby's own Z28 is still out of commission while refreshing the transmission and motor.  He usually runs his car {nicknamed "Chrissy" - short for "Crystal Blue Persuasion"} in the Top Eliminator "Box" class.

Crissy at our Wisconsin home

Hubby is the 2010 Champion at New Bern for both classes.  That year we actually lived in town and Hubby and his Dad were able to go regulary enough to join the points series.  They raced his car in the Top class and his Dad's in the Modified class.  And as I said, Hubby won both classes that year.  That's two trophies he took home!

Here's a quick set of photos back from when we were engaged.  My MIL took a photo of me in Curtis' race car so that they could blow up the picture and make the poster in the second photo for our 50's Sock Hop themed rehearsal dinner.  The joke is that once we were married the race car is now also mine.  :)  {And no, you don't get to see my poodle skirt.}

Now, in preparation for Lucas' first trip to the race track I had to make a few Amazon purchases...

First of all, it's super loud, because it's a race track.  All those cars suped up to try to impress everyone!  So I got these Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs - in blue of course.  And with Summer beginning I also picked out some Baby Banz Sunglasses in black. 

The ear muffs worked out great.  He rarely pulled at them and was even able to fall asleep wearing them.  Now the sunglasses he didn't care for at all.  We tried them first at the festival earlier that day and he just pulled them right off.  The sun wasn't too bad so we just left them off at the track.  His hearing was most important.

First things first.  Lucas had to get a tutorial on the race car with Daddy.

Hubby had to get suited up in his race jacket and shoes so he could get some time runs in.  Good luck Daddy!  Time to sit in his very own race chair for the track {his mini version of our folded chairs}.

Then, of course, Granddaddy had to take Lucas around to see some of the other race cars, like this orange one belonging to our old neighbor, Larry.  And he had to get a quick lesson about charging up the car.  Checked out the track real quick...  And then before first round even started he was out...needed a nap with Grammy.

And to end Lucas' first racing experience.  Here are a few Instragram favorites of mine from the weekend!

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