Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wreckless Driver Etiquette

Dearest Wreckless Driver from my morning commute,

While you feel it is your prerogative to drive like a maniac in your little red sports car, it does not make the rest of us obligated to allow you to do so.  While I typically do move over to allow people to pass, the moment you continuously flash your headlights at me like a German offensive driver is the moment I decide to do just the opposite and instead mess with you.  :)

My driving seven miles over the speed limit is appropriate enough for me to be in the left-so-called-fast-lane, especially when I am passing my fair share of drivers in the right lane.  Do I irritate you when I won't let you pass after the third time you flash your lights at me? 

Do I irritate you further when I reset my cruise control setting from seven over to only three over, causing you to slow down even further?  I sure hope so.  That was the intention.  I surely enjoyed working with the car to my right to block you in behind us. 

But alas, my fun ended the moment the right-lane car had to exit, leaving you an opening {very narrow due to the car ahead} to merge over - speed up - then merge back to the left lane cutting me off.  Ah, if only I had my camera ready in time to take a picture of your car's rear so I could remember this moment always.  ::sigh::   It's okay though.  I had my morning fun.  :)

While I've been a very good, defensive driver for thirteen years {knock on wood}, you have probably received countless speeding tickets and maybe even an accident {or five}...  Fortunately for you the cops are rarely there when needed.  So I just hope that that one time that gets you in really really big trouble you just don't endanger others.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to have my fun by irritating you and your friends.  :)

The Mommy who made you what(?) all of ten seconds late to work...

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