Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: R is for...

This week's Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter R!

Rattle - We got this one rattle from his Aunt Kati. It's more like a teether for him because right now he prefers to just suck on it instead of shaking it. Either way he's enjoying it.

Rocking Chair (Glider) - Okay, so I already did the G's and technically my chair is really a glider but it's all the same. Unfortunately we don't get much use out of the glider like we thought. It mainly is used as a dresser of sorts. But I would be crazy if I didn't mention what a great deal we got it for all those months ago. My Mom and I had ventured to one of the second hand baby stores that a coworker of hers had recommended and just gone to the week before. We were actually looking for a pack 'n play or small crib for my Mom to keep at her house for when we visit (which we also got). I saw this glider for less than $75 and anyone knows that these things go for $200-300. We snatched that thing up. And they told us that it had just been dropped off that morning. How about that for inventory turnover? Best deal ever. Even if we don't get that much use out of it.


Rollover - I've been excited for this one. I finally got some footage this past weekend of Lucas rolling over. And my parents were visiting so they were able to see it in person. My Mom was head over heels excited. This video is of him going from front to back. We were too goo-goo ga-ga when he went from back to front to get it on film. But his trick for back to front is to stick his legs out in front of him and then use it to weigh him down to his side, then complete the turn with his arms. He's so cute!

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