Friday, April 27, 2012

Another post about Nicknames

So, after writing this post about a nickname I despise, I immediately thought about all the other nicknames I've had over the years. And I'm talking PG here...

Here is a list of all the nicknames I can come up with! Again, my given name is Patricia for those of you that need clarification.

Mama/Mom - This is my newest nickname!! I love it the most!! Even though I haven't actually heard those words from my own child yet but Hubby does call me that when speaking for Lucas. ♥♥♥♥♥

Pat - Ugh, hate it. Majority of the time that I hear this one is from Old Ladies. I use my official name for official purposes. Sometimes I am forced to use Patricia for work (as in currently), meaning since that's what's on my paycheck the company chooses to set up my email account as "". So for example, when communicating by email to a new vendor sometimes they will respond back "Dear Pat", etc., even though I specifically have "Trisha" in my signature line. Read much? Or if I receive a call from my dentist's office reminding me of an appointment, the little old lady will call and ask to speak with "Pat". Dunno who you're talking about lady, no Pat here...

Patti - There was a brief period in my younger childhood that I actually wanted to be called "Patti". I can't for the life of me remember why! It was a phase of course, and yes, it had to be with the "i". Good grief, what was wrong with me? 

T (or Tee) - I used to work for this truck manufacturer and my last Manager there just one day referred to me as "T". I think it might have been in a staff meeting. Logical, right? Well, now-a-days I might sign a note to people with the simple "T" rather than writing out my name. I guess it stuck. And as far as "Tee" goes, you know those arcade games you play sometimes, like Silver Strike for example, where you actually score high enough to get on their list of top scorers? They only give you three characters to sign your name to your score. Most people use their initials. That's when I just started signing "TEE". :)   

Tricia - Just another spelling of my name preference. This spelling however, NOT the preference. Even people I've know for 10+ years still choose to spell it this way. Ahem, Sevi... 

Trish - Don't even think about it... Refer to this post if you are even considering it. 

Trish the Dish - Also mentioned in this post, yet acceptable, but usually only if you went to my high school. And now to insert an anecdote!... I was in marching band in HS, and was a section leader I might add. Woot woot! My HS hosted a band competition every year. The particular teacher who nicknamed me "Trish the Dish" was also the sports announcer for our school (for 30+ years!). He had a great voice for commentating. I still remember at our competition, when we were about to perform our exhibition show, as we march onto the field the Announcer will introduce the Drum Major and key people, such as section leaders. It totally threw me when I heard him announce my name as "Trish the Dish"! It was hilarious and made me smile big as I took my place on the field. He also went on to do this whenever we were introduced at our home football games, especially on Senior Night. You just can't hate that nickname and the special attention you are given in public when called it. 

Trish Trash - Ah...yes...this was not widely spread fortunately. It was what my brother, Nick, would call me affectionately (yeah right) when we were younger. I don't think he did so in front of other people, just at home, so it never spread like wildfire. That would have been very very bad! 

Trisha - This is my name. This is my preference. This is what you should call me. Period. 

Trishie Bear - Aww! This nickname was given to me by my HS sweetheart's younger sister, she was a toddler at the time. She preferred to call me "Trishie" rather than Trisha and I love bears. Hence "Trishie Bear". And it also got around to other friends of mine in HS who would start calling me it as well, like Heather. Yes, another HS nickname. 

Trouble - This was first spoken to me in the classic line you tend to hear, "Here comes Trouble..." It was at the company my dad worked for when I started college. I had taken a part time job there and one of the warehouse guys would always say that when he saw me. It just kind of stuck. Hence the "Trouble with Trisha" blog title. And yes, I even have it on the front plate of my car. 


  1. Well, at least you got the "i" part right when you went through your Patti stage. xoxo - The AuntIe

    1. You may be "Anonymous" but I know which Auntie you are! :)

  2. I had another option when you were born. it would have saved all this trouble.


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