Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Travel

Yay for four day weekends!

Hubby, the Boy and I all traveled to West Virginia this past Easter weekend to visit Hubby's Great-Grandmother.  He was very well-behaved on the ride.  We caravan-ed up with Hubby's parents and brother so it was a packed house.  (It's a little house, with like, six foot ceilings!)


And just to make sure I point out, this would be Lucas' Great-Great-Grandmother!  She just turned 96 this year and still going.  :)

I took several photos with my phone (while playing with Instagram) as we drove up.  And I have to say I got several cool scenery shots from the back seat of a moving vehicle.  AND the window wasn't that clean either.   [SEE PHOTOS BELOW]

We mainly just stayed around the house, except for Saturday where we went out to eat lunch (Quaker Steak & Lube) and then took Granny out to Walmart (a rare treat for her) and stocked her up on some stuff.  We also dyed a few eggs.

On Sunday, I made my Mom's baked macaroni and cheese to go along with the ham that was served for Easter dinner.  I can't give the recipe because I'm selfish but I will say that it's made with Velveeta instead of other cheeses.  YUM!  If you really really want to try it then maybe I'll make it for you.  My in-laws seemed to enjoy it.  :)  We were all dressed up to go to church but Granny decided she wasn't feeling up to it.  Just after dinner (we actually had it at lunchtime), some church members showed up at Granny's house and gave us communion.  So fortunately we didn't miss out completely.

And the Boy was SPOILED rotten with his Easter baskets.  He got a basket from his Grammy and Granddaddy, which was overflowing outside of the basket.  And then he got a Turtle basket from Mama and Daddy with a few things as well.  (For those of you who don't know me well enough, I love turtles thanks to my DZ days.  And when Lucas was just a little thing swimming in my belly, before he was "Lucas", he was my "Turtle"; hence anything turtle related/referenced you may see on this blog or my Facebook.)


And then it was time to trek back home.  We made very good time too.  Enough time to settle down for the evening, although I didn't feel like doing a darn thing!  So I just finally unpacked my suitcase and did a few loads of laundry.  I haven't unpacked Lucas' suitcase yet, although he's got his share of laundry to clean.

Below are some of the scenery photos. 
West Virginia. Pennsylvania. And the rest Virginia.

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