Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elijah's Heart

I recently took my two kitties, Eli and Oli, back to the vet for a follow up visit due to their ear mites (and Oliver was due for another vaccine).  It was Eli that was worse off.  And I have to admit that shortly after the initial visit we went off to our Easter weekend trip and Eli didn't get his ear treatment.  I cleaned them up real good the first few days but since we've been back home I've forgotten about it.  He's not exactly an enthusiastic patient either!

So needless to say Eli failed his follow up ear swab and still has very dirty ears.  Bad Mama.  

But this particular Vet, actually took more time with my kitties looking them over.  She took an awfully long time listening to Eli's heart and lungs.  She then asked me, "Did you know Elijah had a heart murmur?"  Uh, no.  And then she went on to tell me that she thinks he may have Hyperthyroidism and went on to explain that to me.  Now I have Hypothyroidism so I know what both are.  But she basically opened my eyes that that could be the reason why Eli's coat is so coarse.  It would be one of the symptoms.

You see, I adopted both my kitties when they were about six months old.  Eli, as long as I've had him, has had coarse hair rather than nice fluffy fur.  So he's not the cutest guy, but he was drawn to Hubby and I when we went shopping around.  I always just assumed he was some sort of special breed of cat.

After saying that, I've had my kitties for over three years now and been diligent about taking them for their check-ups.  Not one of those other vets ever took the time to look Eli over enough to notice this heart murmur (assuming he didn't recently acquire it).  And as I've said, he's always had a coarse coat of hair.  So all these other vets must have been ignorant or apathetic, because none of them ever explored why his hair was the way it was.

So I asked the Vet, "So if we get it treated successfully, you mean he could have nice fluffy fur like Oliver?"  And by that I meant, "be beautiful?"  Harsh, I know.  But I really want my kitties to be healthy.  That's what is most important.

So the Vet is doing some blood work on Eli to confirm her suspicions of Hyperthyroidism and his heart murmur.  Once this initial set of tests comes back hopefully we can work on treatments.  I already know that part of the treatment will require a special diet.  Do you know how difficult it will be to have to feed both kitties separately?  And to make sure they eat up all their food, then put it away so that Oliver doesn't eat Elijah's and Elijah doesn't eat Oliver's?  It's already difficult enough keeping Miley away from their food.  But I'll figure that out when it comes to it.

Oliver and Elijah

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