Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stirring the Pot: Part One

So this post had some friends of mine question if they were in trouble with me or not.  And possibly question our friendship as well.

A very good friend of mine just sent me this image of our text conversation...

"For the record..." She wanted to make it clear to me that she didn't call me the wrong name, probably so she can earn brownie points!  And she made a point to tell me this past weekend that she has always called me Trisha. That's why you're a VERY GOOD friend!  Because you listened as I introduced myself to you way back in the day.  :)

And then she suggested that on a near future road trip that we will be going on with some other ladies, that she and I (the Insiders) should play a drinking game to have fun with this...  Unfortunately the other ladies do not read my blog (SHAME ON YOU!) so they likely have absotively no idea my feelings on my name.  AND one of them does in fact call me "Trish".  So the game: the Insiders are to drink every time they say my name as "Trish".  Hmm, how do I feel about that?

Stay tuned for Part Two.  And no, it won't be about my name!

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