Friday, January 6, 2012

Mama Knows Best

I'm a first time Mom and I was very hesitant if I'd be good at it.  It's nervewracking to know you're responsible for someone so dependant and small.  I'm still learning as I go.

There are times when I feel like SuperMom though!  When Hubby gets home in the evenings from work it's his time with Lucas to spend.  So after dinner I might go off for some quiet time in the bedroom and read a book or watch tv or get that badly needed shower that I never got around to.

Occasionally there's a slight yell coming from Hubby requesting my presence.  Especially when there is a massive poopy diaper that he thinks he can't handle.  (Apparently it requires four hands instead of two.)

There was this one time where Lucas just wouldn't stop crying and Hubby is pacing the room with him or rocking him on the couch.  What is he doing wrong??  So there was one time that I just took Lucas out of Hubby's arms and placed him into his hammock and just walked away.  Guess what?  He shut up!  And Hubby looks incredously at me, "How'd you do that?" "Mama knows best!" I say.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "How'd I do that?!"

Or another time where again Hubby couldn't get him settled.  Lucas was just crying and crying and nothing he did would help.  "Just put him down on his back," I say.  Yep, that was the problem.  He was gassy and needed to stretch out, not be bunched up in your arms.  Sometimes you just gotta put him down.

But I can always just take the credit that I know what I'm doing because MAMA KNOWS BEST!

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