Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travel Bucket List

So there have been several List Challenges going around on Facebook this past week and one in particular that I did was the Travel List Challenge - 100 places to visit before you die.  Below is the list, which I had originally calculated that I'd only been to FIVE of the ONE HUNDRED.  And even after reviewing it again that may be a stretch. 

#6 Atlantic City Boardwalk - Okay, I've been to Atlantic City, but now that I think about it I don't know if I actually went to the Boardwalk itself.  So that will have to get a Redo.  No biggie, my family is from Jersey.  :)

#49 Las Vegas Strip - That's a definite!  I was there for over a week, which is way too long by the way.

#62 Niagra Falls (NY) - Yup.  Was there for about an hour on an NCAA trip.  And we entered the Canadian side too, for like, maybe 15 minutes or so?  I don't even remember if we got out of the bus at all.  This one wasn't very eventful and definitely gets a Redo as well.

#80 Smithsonian Institution - Okay, my family went to DC when I was very young, 8 or 9 maybe?  And we went to so many of the tourist sites in DC.  So I really don't recall if we actually went into the Smithsonian or not.  And I'm pretty sure we never went inside the White House either (#97).

#94 Walt Disney World Resort - Hmm, I missed the "Resort" portion when I checked this box.  I've definitely been to Disney World a few times, but never actually to the resort.  So this one will be added back to the list.

#95 Washington Monument - I must have overlooked this one because I didn't check it the first time.  That same trip to DC we took when I was younger, I'm confident the Monument was one of the sites we did in fact see.

And considering I've never left the country (aside from that brief 15 minutes in Canada's Niagra Falls) the 85-90 or so that are outside of the US are definitely not checked.

I've decided that I need to make many trips in the upcoming years.  And my challenge is to see as many of these places as I can in my lifetime, and not just myself but with Hubby.  He better get on board!  And I better work on getting that passport.  Although I can guarantee that the US sites will be first on the list to conquer.

The Travel List Challenger

San Antonio, Texas, USA
Granada, Spain
Angkor, Cambodia
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
London, England
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Seville, Spain
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rome, Italy
Oregon, USA
California, USA
Wyoming, USA
Jerusalem, Israel
Edinburgh, Scotland
Paris, France
New York City, New York, USA
Beijing, China
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Alaska, USA
Montana, USA
New Zealand
San Francisco, California, USA
Venice, Italy
Arizona, USA
Saudi Arabia
Queensland, Australia
Córdoba, Spain
Istanbul, Turkey
Hawaii, USA
Hollywood, Califonia, USA
Argentina and Brazil
Kyoto, Japan
Moscow, Russia
Barcelona, Spain
Las Vegas, Nevada
Pisa, Italy
Paris, France
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
New York City, New York, USA
Keystone, South Dakota, USA
California, USA
New York, USA
Paris, France
British Columbia, Canada
Nice, France
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Portland, Maine, USA
Madrid, Spain
California, USA
Athens, Greece
Pompei, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Chicago, Illlinois, USA
Czech Republic
Vatican City, Italy
Washington, D.C., USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Vatican City, Italy
New York City, New York, USA
Wiltshire County, England
Sydney, Australia
Agra, India
Kyoto, Japan
Hong Kong, China
New York City, New York, USA
Uttar Pradesh, India
Jerusalem, Israel
Orlando, Florida
Washington, D.C., USA
Dover, England
Washington, D.C., USA
Hampshire, England
California, USA
Utah, USA

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