Friday, April 20, 2012

75. Get my handwriting analyzed

I have to admit that when I first thought about doing this one I searched "Get my handwriting analyzed" online.  The first two site listings that I saw mentioned $300 and $290 for their analysis.  No way I'm paying $$ to complete a task in this challenge!  So then I re-searched as "Get my handwriting analyzed free" and got a hit.  I came across this site, The Hand Behind the Word

It lets you hand-write your own sample and self-evaluate.  Then they give you the results in a report.

Here is my Sample.

And here is the free report result of my self-evaluation from The Hand Behind the Word.

          You're at a place where you wouldn't really mind eeking out there a little more and making yourself more known and seen, but still you're not sure that the Patricia Newman you know is ready for the Grand Stage or the Big League of public attention. Your general outlook on life is positive and you tend to be optimistic. Do people ever say you're stiff and stoic? Is it hard for you to get a move on yourself when it comes to social situations? Seems you might want to loosen up a bit! Since you pretty much like to keep yourself the same most of the time, you're probably apt to be as approachable at any give time as you would any other.
          Lone Rangers often keep a bit of distance between themselves and others. Do you ever hear people define Patricia Newman as a Lone Ranger? Or is it that you're more of what some might define as "a creative force of the next generation!" Either way, you don't mind straying from that straight and narrow path, shall we say, so you get good marks for originality! I guess that you must be something of a sentimentalist, eh? Do people ever say, "Oh, yeah: Patricia Newman can really be an old softie sometimes! A real kind soul." But then, this can get you into trouble sometimes, too, though, because you can have a difficult time saying "No!" and can feel guilty for not being All things to All People!!You likely tend to be a quite quiet person and don't like to rock the boat. You probably are a careful reader, and don't like to jump to conclusions about anything.

Yes, I have to admit I had to look up what "eeking" meant.  Altogether, I guess it's pretty accurate.  If you know me would you say so?

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