Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: H is for...

This week's Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter H!
Hat - You gotta keep that little head covered! Lucas' very first knitted hat was given to us by our Nurse at the hospital. She was the first nurse I had when I arrived for my induction at the hospital. So she was there all day with me until about 7pm. I had another nurse the rest of the night until I delivered just before 5am. But at 7am she was back to meet Lucas and get me settled into our Mother/Baby room. Before we left the hospital she gave us a baby blue knitted hat that she said her mother had made. She likes to make several of them and pass them out to the babies. It's a lot more special than the generic hospital hat that we were also given.
Hammock - This is the affectionate name we have given Lucas' Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper. We love this thing and use it every day. We used it for the first few weeks after he was born so he could sleep right next to me. It's so portable that we just moved it back and forth between the bedroom and the living room. And we've taken it with us on trips, which is a spacesaver compared to pack 'n plays. Now it just stays in the living room, and in the mornings we put him in it and set it in front of the television so he can watch music videos or sports. And on nights he doesn't feel very well we will put him in it to sleep so he'll be inclined.

High chair - We just invested in a Spacesaver high chair that grows as your child does and it takes up less space since it just fits on one of your existing chairs. I also picked up awhile ago a portable one that looks just like the fold up chairs we use at the race track. That will be his very own racing seat.
Hungry - I've posted this video of Lucas before. This is his I'm-Hungry-Cry. :)

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