Monday, April 30, 2012

Softball Patron

So some friends of mine have kids.  Wow!  No kidding.  :)

They are much older than my little Lucas.  The eldest, Kat, is on a softball league this Spring and they are about halfway through their season already.  They are struggling and haven't won a game yet.  :(

[ image ]
I wanted to help out and get them motivated as well as cheer them up.  I also wanted to increase support from the families.  I decided to get them these cute little softball cinch bags I found online.  They shipped out super fast and the owner, Michelle, was great to work with.

I didn't let my friends know that I was getting these so it was a big surprise when they arrived at their house.  Hehe.  So now I've deemed myself a Patron for the Clover SWAT (Softball With AtiTude) 10U Girls Softball Team.

Unfortunately I don't live nearby so I couldn't really get to the games and support them that way.  So this was the best thing I could think of.  But then I had a cancellation in my weekend plans and was able to make it to their game this past Saturday!

I brought along my Mom (Nana) and Lucas, and I  brought his little baseball rattle to cheer on the girls.  He didn't care about the rattle so much, but he was looking around constantly and people-watching.  Nana said he just couldn't get enough.  He had a blast.  And to think he'll be doing this in a few years too!

I also took a ton of photos, 633 to be exact!  (A few dozen or so of Lucas.)  You can see them on their Facebook page if you're interested.  But here are some more collages to sample.  Including one of Lucas and I playing in the park.  :)

{I have to say that when I found this Grid feature in Picasa I've been having way too much fun with it, as you can probably tell from my recent posts.}

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