Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bake Sale for Childhood Hunger

It was about 5-6 weeks ago that Lucas' daycare sent out information that they were going to put together a Bake Sale.  It wasn't to raise food for themselves but for Starving Children in the world.

It's actually called the Great American Bake Sale and it's an event hosted this very weekend nationally.  Apparently we are the very first organization in North Carolina to host.  Please see the website for more information.

So our daycare created a team, Sweet Smiles and I joined up to donate my wonderful baking skills.  Since they announced the event I had gone through my coupons and set aside all the baked goods.  I would do my grocery shopping and pick up this and that.  And before I knew it I had a stash of cupcake mixes and frostings.  I went a bit overboard.

But I still signed up on the little sheet of everything that I was going to make.

It's a cell phone picture so it's blurry, but it's A LOT!

I spent FIVE hours baking and invidually wrapping each cupcake, brownie and set of 3 cookies.  I even tried a new recipe from Pinterest, Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes.  I ended up having to throw about half the batch away unfortunately.  I overfilled the cups so they muffin-topped out of the pan.  And I also felt that some of them were way too moist and fell apart a bit.  But my second batch was a bit better and the right consistency, so SUCCESS!

Also from the phone. 
But they are colorful, and I added SweeTarts Jelly Beans on top.

I also made those FUN da-Middles and they are YUMMY.  I had a few extra of those so I brought them to work.

Yummy gooeyness inside!

The ladies at the daycare were very grateful from my overzealous baking.  :)  I sure broke my back doing it all but I was glad to do it for a great cause.

This morning we went over to the Bake Sale and snatched up some goodies for ourselves.  Even though Hubby isn't into I'll most likely have to eat the treats myself.

Our goodies we purchased.  Hubby likes the peanut butter balls.

It's not too late to donate to fight Childhood Hunger!  If you missed our Bake Sale you can also donate money online.  Here is the link to my personal page which is linked to my team, Sweet Smiles.  Thanks to several people who have already helped me exceed my personal goal of $30 - I have reach $70!  The team goal is $600.  Thanks for your help.  :)

**UPDATE 05/02/12: The team raised over $1400 and donations are accepted throughout the year.  Thanks to all those who help support this bake sale.

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