Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: L is for...

The week isn't over yet!  Although it is Saturday and I waited to the last minute but here is your Alphabet Scramble for this week, the letter L.  The best letter there is!

Laughter - check out this recent video of Lucas.  Grandpa really got him going.

Lotion - This is a definite to keep our baby baby smooth. After bath time I always lather him up with Aveeno baby lotion. Sometimes he'll giggle about it. Hubby usually comments about how slippery he gets. :)
[ image ]
Lucas - That's my boy!!

Lullaby - I have several CD's with lullabies on them - with one currently in Lucas' boombox in his room. But we get the most use out of the two musical toys that are fastened to his crib.
This one lights up and moves!

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