Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Daze

Have I mentioned before how much I really love Lucas' daycare?  His teacher is great.  The owner is great.  And they all LOVE my little boy. 

Even the teachers in the other classrooms will stop me before I leave with him because they hadn't gotten a chance to see him at all that day.

It's been nearly five months since he started going and I started my current job.  And now I'll be starting a new job.  Does that mean a new daycare?

I picked up Lucas after school the day after I accepted my new position.  His teacher, Kristy, and the part-time substitute were there.  I usually like to chat with them for a few minutes.  Finding out about Lucas' day and whatnot.  I mentioned to them that I got a new job.

"Are you moving?" says Kristy.

"Not anytime soon.  But we would love to buy a house if this job becomes permanent."

"Will you leave here?"

"Well...the area we would like to settle in is outside the city, looking at the [next rural town over] area -- we don't want to deal with city taxes when buying and we'd love the land.  So we would probably have to find a new daycare since this would now be out of the way."

"I just bought a house out there.  I can pick him up and bring him to school everyday."

I gave her this baffled laugh...

"Seriously?!  By the time that would even happen he wouldn't even be in your class anymore."

"That's okay."

And that's how much they really really REALLY adore my little Lucas.

I also {finally} remembered to ask if any of the ladies there did any after work babysitting in the evenings or on the weekends. 

"We still don't know many people and well, we know all of you and y'all already know Lucas."

They said they do!  That means Hubby and I just might be able to manage a free date night soon.

His "containment" unit AKA daycare crib.  :)

"If only they all can be like him."  Yes, they actually said that to me too.

Just look at this cute smushed face!!

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