Thursday, June 7, 2012

Silhouette Ghetto-style

I took this photo this past weekend as you saw from a previous post.  Hubby actually saw the shot and got my attention, "Look!"  {He's got a good eye too.}  As soon as I saw it I also knew it would make a great silhouette.

My attempt to create a silhouette now, well...let's see.  I don't have Photoshop and the simple software I have doesn't have that Threshold feature I found is necessary to the process.  So I just used a variety of methods in Windows Paint.

Here is what I came up with.

Eh, it's okay.  Definitely what I envisioned.  But.Just.Blah.

I also Googled {of course} free online editors for silhouette-making.  I came across this YouTube video that was helpful except that it was for Picnik, which Google eliminated recently.  And their version doesn't have nearly the bells and whistles.  No Threshold feature.  I commented to the video owner asking them if they have another option now that Picnik is no more. She {Nicole I found out} recommended Sumo Paint as another free online editor that could get the job done.

Here's the Sumo Paint silhouette.

Definitely better.  You can see the difference between this and my previous attempt with Windows Paint.  The first one I tried to fill in too much, trying to clean this up and that, basically altering the look.  The second one is closer to the photo!

Now...what to do with this...

Any other suggestions using free software?  I'm just not sure at this time if I want to fork over the money to purchase Photoshop.  Maybe one day.

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