Monday, June 11, 2012

Why do I blog?

It's funny because I was thinking about this a lot recently.  And then Stephanie from My Messmerized Life did a guest spot on Growing up Geeky the other day asking the same question and giving her own response.

My own response is similar to Stephanie's.  I came across the life of other bloggers in my circle and thought, That's cool!  And at the time I was pregnant with Lucas.  My brother, Nick, had actually mentioned to me that maybe it's something I could do now that our family was growing.

Thus, I created my very own blog shortly after having Lucas. 

And since then I've really taken to it I suppose.  Lucas became my very best reason for blogging and posting a ton on pictures.  And as a result of all the picture-taking I became more and more interested in photography itself. 

So not only has this blog become a way to keep my family and friends in touch with us, it's also become a way to express myself through my own writing and new hobby of photography.  As I predicted in my initial post, it has already evolved.  Who knows what else is to come?

But now I will be starting a new job really soon.  And I intend to be super busy with it {going from one extreme to another!} so I expect my blogging to reduce significantly.  I do have several drafts in the works that I might be able to dredge up to scratch eventually.

So, I ask you next.  Why do you blog?

smitten & hooked photography


  1. My blog is primarily intended to chronicle my return to teaching and the first year of an innovative new charter school, but what I write isn't exclusively about that.

    I like sharing some funny stories and anecdotes and letting people know what I'm up to, but a lot of my writing is therapeutic, or maybe even cathartic. Even though I've made a lot of money in my life with my voice (teaching AND announcing), sometimes I can express myself better with the written word. And that, I suppose, is why I blog. :)

    1. And I'm really glad you listened to those that encouraged you to start Alex! You are definitely a strong voice in all aspects and I'm glad to have a break in my usual Mommy blogs to read yours.


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