Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Swimmers Tested

We got our first chance to try out Huggies Little Swimmers® diapers this week.  Meaning...we took Lucas to the pool for the first time! 

First, we showed up in style - wearing TURTLE swimgear!

I've been trying to get him out there for awhile now.  Since our neighborhood pool opened up it's been packed.  But we went after work and it was empty.  Good for us!

Check out Hubby's RED NECK!!  :)

First, Hubby had to get him acclimated to the cool temperature.  The water wasn't too cold but it was mid-evening so it wasn't at its warmest.  Lucas seemed to take to it just fine.

Then we put him in his little car float {a $3 Dollar General find} and Hubby moved him around.  He definitely was weary but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Finally I got in the water {after my fair share of photos were taken} and swam around with him too.  I tried to show him he could splash just like he does in the bathtub, but he didn't seem interested.  He was still taking it all in.  :)

After about fifteen minutes or so it was finally time to get out of the water.  Lucas was starting to feel the cold by then.  But he officially got his feet wet!

Shortly after we got home Lucas got his bottle and then we quickly crashed. 

I can't wait to get him out more often.  :)


  1. As if you didn't already know....Lucas is adorable!

    1. Thanks Shell! Yes, I do know. But it's always nice to hear it again and again. Means we do good work! :)


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