Thursday, June 14, 2012

How I met your Mother


I asked Hubby to work with me on a collaboration of sorts.  I wanted us to write letters to Lucas about how we met each other.  After much gentle reminding {I finally turned the tv off and told him to sit his ass at the computer} he finally wrote his story. 

I have to admit I was impressed with what he wrote.  And you have to keep in mind that this is from his perspective -- and mine might be a wee bit different.  Of course, I did have to remind him the order of events to help him with his editing {because Mama is always right}.

So, here is Hubby's take on how we met...

Dear Champ,

Since one day you will me ask “how did I meet your mother,” I decided (your mother told me) to write it down to make sure I get it right.  Of course, like all my stories, it starts with racing.  

As much as your mother won’t like it, if it wasn’t for my racing, we would not have met.   Like most couples today, we met each other while attending college.  However, if not for racing, I would have continued my college career at UNC-Wilmington and never transferred to UNC-Charlotte.  I transferred to Charlotte for the Motorsports program offered by their engineering department.  This program is what brought the people into our lives that would one day introduce me to your mother.

As you know, there is a little bit of an age difference between your mother and me.   So when she entered college and lived at the freshmen dorm, I was living off campus with roommates that were on the racing team.  One of her freshmen dorm friends, Charles, joined our Legends race team and spoke of your mother a lot at the shop.   

However, the first time I actually met your mother was at your Auntie Holli’s birthday party at Jillian's in Concord Mills.  See, at the time your Auntie Holli was dating Bradley, a guy that was good friends with some of us racing guys, so we decided to attend the party.  Like usual, we had been working at the shop on the cars and arrived to the party late.   I was introduced to your mother but I didn’t get to talk to her much, actually hardly at all.  Honestly, I thought Charles and your mother were dating during their freshmen years.

See, the moment I actually took an interest in your mother was at Charles’ birthday, a few weeks later, which was at Hooter’s in Concord.  It was a smaller group of people and I was able to pay attention to your mother’s antics. 

Soon after, the school year ended.  With the arrival of summer, the Legends team became involved with the Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway and I didn’t have time to chase girls.  I was racing during the week with the Niner Legends car and then on the weekends with “Crissy”, my own race car. 

I didn’t see your mother again until the end of summer once she got back to start school.  Your mother started to come to some of the groups’ “gatherings” and play cards with us. 

It was only until a certain specific “gathering” at Ryan’s that she made it clear that she was interested in getting to know me.  She grabbed my butt as she stumbled out of the downstairs bathroom.  Of course, being in college implies that “gatherings” are actually drinking parties, and your mother was well on her way to reaching her drinking limit.  She got sick.  A lot that night.  But Auntie Kenda and I kept an eye on her and kept her safe during the night. 

So as the night turned into early morning, she became sober enough to drive home.   I walked her to her car and as she was getting in, I asked her for her number.  She shot me down.  Major crash and burn.  After putting the flames out, I drove to my place in Harrisburg.  But before I could turn the car off in the driveway, I was called by the Legends team to drive them to Jacksonville for a stock car race.  This was a five hour drive…  So began my long day at the track without any sleep.

After racing, we again drove the five hours back from Jacksonville in the middle of the night.  Once home I went straight to bed, since I hadn’t slept in 48 hours.  While I slept, your mother was quite busy.  She had been making phone calls in an all out effort to talk to me.  She called Auntie Kenda and got my cell number.  She called my phone but I didn’t answer because I was unconscious from having been awake for 48 hours.  Since I didn’t answer my cell, she once again called Auntie Kenda to get my house number.  My roommate answered when she called and he said he hadn’t seen me in two days.  Your mother left her number with him and shortly after my long sleep, I woke up surprising my roommate that I was actually home and he gave me her number. 

After getting over my initial surprise of her call, I called her back and she wanted to go out later that same day on a double date with Auntie Holli and Bradley.  So, our first date was actually chaperoned by your Auntie Holli.  We went bowling, and just like now, your mother was very competitive.   After bowling, we went back to Bradley’s house and watched a movie.

The movie ended and I walked your mother out to her car.  That’s where I kissed your mother for the first time.  And it was horrible.  We banged teeth when we kissed.  Not my best Casanova moment.  Yet your mother did have dinner with me the next night.  But I guess my kissing has gotten better, since your mother did marry me. 

Love ya much,


O, Fishface, O, fishface

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