Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Woes and Quarter Throes

Ah, yes.  Summer vacation must have started.  School is out, eh?

We can tell.

Parents: Do you know where your kids are?  Do you know what they are doing when you allow them to go hang out with their friends?

I can tell you.

Now that they have nothing better to do you allow them to run a muck -- driving around -- getting into trouble -- hitting mailboxes -- egging vehicles and/or houses -- slingshotting quarters at vehicles...

Ah yes.  Hubby and I came outside this morning to leave for work when Hubby found this lovely surprise on our Nissan.

Yes, that is the rear side glass.  Unfortunately Hubby often leaves one of the vehicles parked on the street rather than in the driveway.  Our driveway does in fact house two vehicles lengthwise.  However, he usually gets home before I do in the evenings but wants me to park in the driveway first, closer to the door so we can get Lucas out in his car seat without walking so far.  Sometimes he'll move the other car back into the driveway afterward, sometimes not.

Needless to say we won't be parking the vehicles out on the street unless necessary from now on.

Nothing was taken.  It wasn't a break-in.  And let me tell you...that little window in vehicles are sometimes the most expensive to replace, NOT the big windshield.  I should know.  Back in college I did have my little old Escort broken into and they decided to break that little back window to unlock the car.

$500 deductible...

$167 to repair the window...

The culprits left us a shiny {slightly bent} quarter as a souvenir!  Great.  Only $166.75 more needed.

So it was Hubby's conclusion that some very naughty kids were out and about last night -- most likely late-late because it had downpoured in the evening and fortunately there was no water leak damage from the window.  They must have used a slingshot or something to get that quarter to break through the glass.  And yeah, that quarter is definitely bent up.

Most likely the same group of kids that egged this same car last Summer.

Some Parents need to do some actual Parenting.

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