Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nine Inch Nails

Does anyone else ever feel like they have to cut their child's nails constantly?

Yeah, I know, the post title is lame.  Give me a break.  :)

I swear that boy's nails grow and grow.  He must get it from me because mine tend to grow fast as well.  I know that's a trait that some women would love to have, and it is nice that whenever a nail breaks I don't have to fuss about it for too long.  But I really don't want to have to cut Lucas' nails every other day.

Yes, I'm lazy for one, but it still seems rather frequent.  I know he's an infant, but still??

"Little fingernails grow so fast you may have to cut them several times a week. Toenails require less frequent trimming."  BabyCenter

Ugh.  I guess it's normal.

And I don't like to find little scratches on his face -- that's usually when I realize they've gotten too long.

I may have to keep track of which fingers I have to trim most often.  Make a game of it.  Yeah, again, lame.

His nail growth will slow down at some point, right??

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