Monday, June 25, 2012

Buyer of Boots

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Well, it's been awhile.   As I mentioned before I have started a new job and am still getting my feet wet.   As a courtesy to my employer(s) I won't actually state where I work but if you know anything about the industry and the location I reside then you'd be able to narrow it down on your own.
I'm a Purchasing Agent.   I buy boots.   No, I'm not in the fashion industry.   I would never survive in that industry because I don't have a lick of fashionable sense of my own.   I buy the kind of boots that go on your vehicle, more specifically the prop shaft/half shaft areas of the vehicle.   Boots and a number of other things, even grease.   You just don't know how much grease goes into making a car.   Yeah, so as I've said previously I'm in the automotive industry.   And I like it.
So far things are a bit slow.   I'm starting my second week and my boss is out of the country for the next two weeks.  I acquired my new laptop on my first day; my work cell phone last Friday; but I have yet to get my buyer access in our system to actually buy stuff.  So until then I'm just working on open issues via email/phone communications with suppliers and coworkers.   That's a good chunk of the buyer role anyway.  And boy today was a doozy.
I've also been given the green light that I need to get my passport soon.   So I plan on getting that done this week.  Just gotta go get that wonderful photo taken {apparently you can't even smile} and then find a nearby place to stand in line to hand in the paperwork in person.   Yes, this is my very first passport.  Never been out of the country before aside from about an hour across Niagra Falls on a bus.   It was uneventful.   But with my job we have locations all over the globe.  And I'm supposed to visit several suppliers also all over the globe.   So my boss has many travel plans for me, including the rest of North America (Mexico and Canada) and even Brazil.  

I may actually accomplish that "visit another continent" goal that's on my bucket list!  I should be able to cross off "getting my passport" in t-minus 6-7 weeks too.  :)

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