Thursday, June 14, 2012

How I met your Father


Now time for my version of how we met...  But first, make sure you didn't miss the first part: How I Met Your Mother.

My sweet boy!

With Father's Day coming up I wanted to tell you, Lucas, about how your father and I met.  Nothing interesting, just through mutual friends, but I have to say it took awhile for me to notice him.  :)

I was a freshman in college at UNC-Charlotte and lived in the dorms that year.  I had one roommate and several hallmates.  One of my hallmates, your Auntie Holli, was a Communications major and loves Loves LOVES Nascar.  Our college was apparently well known in the racing industry for its Motorsports program within the Mechanical Engineering program.  {Being in race country should have clued me into that one.}  There actually were several in the group that had traveled out of state to join this program - Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and New York are a few of those I personally knew.  Even Holli came from out of state just to be in "racing country".  Anywho, the floor above ours was a boy-floor and we made friends with Jon and Charles, also on the motorsports team. 

Second semester rolls around and is quickly coming to an end.  Mid-April Holli has a party at what was at the time a Jillian's at the mall to celebrate her birthday.  There were probably a dozen or so people there and I didn't know half of them.  Apparently your father was there.  Who knew?  Maybe we were even introduced...  I just never noticed him.

I managed to snap a shot of Holli with Bradley at her party - and your father was in the background!

Then just a few weeks later was Charles' birthday and a smaller group met up at the local Hooter's to celebrate.  I have to say the most memorable thing I remember from his party is when Holli and I tried to stuff Charles' face with his birthday cake.  :)  He out-maneuvered us but we still got him!  Again, your father was there.  It was a smaller group this time and I vaguely remember him being there but still at this point I had never talked to him.

Cake in the face!

The summer goes by and my sophomore year of college has just started up.  By now I've become friends with not only Holli but Charles and Jon from the boy-floor as well as a few others.  I had started mingling with the motorsports crowd. 

Charles and I attended a house party just outside of campus together {only as friends}, the house belonging to a motorsports member, Scott {soon to be marrying into the family!}.  It was a low key party where we ended up playing drinking card games into the night.  This was the first time I spoke with your father!  The party dies down and we begin having a conversation about the basics.  Where are you from and stuff like that.  Wouldn't you know how small a world it was?

Apparently we had many things in common.  The most prevalent being that we were both originally from the same area.  His family is still living in that area whereas mine moved away when I just started middle school, moving me from a small town to a metropolis.  There were plenty of other things that I don't recall but that was the one that stood out and caught my attention, but the other smaller things definitely helped cynch my interest.  I had finally noticed your father.

Just a few weeks later I heard about another house party in the same set of townhomes off campus, just a few doors down from Scott's at yet another house belonging to some motorsports members.  I made it a point to go to this party knowing that your father would be there.  I headed over to Ryan and Nathan's place and this party was busy BUSY.  It's also important to mention that I dressed extra special for this party, looking my very best.  I went seeking him out and dressed to impress!

Now there may or may not have been some drinking at this party but I just had the "punch".  I flirted my very best with your father!  I may or may not have accidently stumbled into him, accidently grabbing his behind...  And at some point I may or may not have had too much punch, and ended up hogging the upstairs bathroom for quite some time.  And your Auntie Kenda may or may not have had to hold my hair for me that night.  Needless to say it was a very very late night.  I had crashed and burned for a few hours and was finally ready to head home at I believe around 4am? 

I recall finally walking outside and seeing Kenda and your father chatting out on the sidewalk.  I'm certain they were waiting to check up on me.  I ended up sitting in Kenda's car for a little while longer.  {Such a great friend of ours!}  When I was finally ready to head out to my car your father offered to walk me to it.  At that time I was a bit embarrassed of course and felt like CRAP so I wasn't into chatting with my crush at that moment.  When we finally arrived at my car he surprisingly asked me for my phone number!

I said No.

Shocking, yes, I know.  But I just told him that I wasn't feeling well and it wasn't the best time.  It really wasn't, I promise.

That was a Friday night.  I thought about him all day Saturday.  By Sunday morning I made the decision to get his number and call him, hoping he hadn't changed his mind about me because of my rejection.

First, I called Kenda to get his phone number.  She gave me his cell number.  Straight to voicemail.  I must not have left a message.  Instead I must've called Kenda back and asked if she had the number right and she must have then given me the number to Tim's place, where he was renting a room.  I called that number and spoke with Tim.  He informed me that your father had gone home for the weekend.  I found out later that he had driven straight from Ryan's house that Saturday morning {after that 4am rejection from me and getting no sleep that night} to go racing {about a five hour drive}.

Tim was kind enough to take a message from me.  Your father actually had been home that Sunday morning at Tim's!   Tim didn't know he had been there, after having driven straight back right after his race that Saturday night...not sure why he didn't want to stay at his parents and get some sleep instead of driving another five hours back?? So he was actually in his room at Tim's finally catching up on his sleep.

Meanwhile I talked to Holli who at the time was dating Bradley.  I don't remember if I had talked to her before your father called me back or right after...  But at some point your father called me and he agreed to go out with me. 

So I had arranged a bowling date that very night {Sunday} for your father and I.  I was most comfortable having us go out with some mutual friends for our first date so I had arranged for us to double date with Holli and Bradley.  Instead of having him pick me up I chose to have us both meet at Bradley's house, which was nearby the bowling alley we were going to attend.  It was a fun night and afterward we spent a few hours hanging out at Bradley's house.  But then of course it was late and classes started early for me on Mondays. 

Our first date.  You can't tell but those are turtles on my shirt!

So he walked me to my car {for the second time} and we said our goodbyes.  And yes, he kissed me.  He was the worst kisser ever {not that I had kissed many boys}.  And yes, your father knows this so I can tell the whole world.  :)  He's one of those kissers that gets his teeth in the way sometimes.  Fortunately not all the time, but yes still!  {I hope you don't inherit that trait from him.}  And I didn't hold it against him.  We had our second date the following night!  A dinner date with just the two of us.  And your Aunties' Holli and Kenda had much to do with getting us together which is why they are so important to us.  :)

And that's how it all started. 

Loving you bunches!


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