Monday, January 23, 2012

One of many firsts

Today was a day of firsts for myself and my sweet Lucas. 

It's been almost seven months since I left my last job due to relocation.  And now that Lucas is old enough I finally went back to work.  I found a great purchasing position with a pharmaceutical company except that it's a contract/temp position instead of permanent.  It's great pay and I have benefits through Hubby's company so that's not too important, but the stability of a permanent position would still be a plus.  My first day was today and it went well.  It was just orientation but I have learned so much more about the company and can see myself here if it works out.  And pharmaceuticals is brand new for me and I'm able to get the experience which is so desirable for the area.

Now Lucas had his first day at daycare.  He was the very first child there!  I left Lucas with one of the teachers and he's so used to being held by random people (family, not strangers!) that he didn't mind one bit with her holding him.  He just stared at me as I said good bye and went off to my new job.  When I went to pick him up he was wide awake and lounging in one of the bouncers at the daycare.  I knelt down in front of him and smiled.  He just looked at me like, "What?" 

"Don't you know me baby?!" 
"Did you forget about me already?!" 

Haha!  He did very well and took all his bottles they said.  He's such a good boy. 

Now I will leave you with a sweet picture of Lucas (or two)!

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