Friday, June 8, 2012

Sitting Poolside

I went out and bought a little infant pool this past weekend -- thanks to the $5 OFF coupon I had for Buy Buy Baby it only cost me $15.  It has an inflatable cover as well, but I haven't bothered with that yet.

I blew it up {yeah, no help from Hubby} and insisted that Hubby take it outside on the deck and fill it up with some water so that we could put Lucas in it that evening.  {It took me nagging at him several times -- have you heard that before?} 

Since it was the evening Hubby thought the water from the hose would come out too cold.  So he actually opted to get a large tub and fill it up with warm water from the bathtub -- it took three trips to fill the pool up a little less than halfway, good enough for now.  And also since it was evening we didn't need the cover so I didn't have to bother blowing up that inflatable to attach {whew!}.

I keep nagging Hubby for us to go the to pool again since we were finally able to get Lucas out there for his first time.  And he's just too much of a homebody to want to make the short walk down the street.  I know it does get crowded quickly.  Such effort to get everything together for a 20-30 minute trip to the pool! 

So that's why I went and got us the infant pool.  Of course, I can't go swimming but at least Lucas can get wet more often and learn to get used to it.  {It was even hard enough to get Hubby to go a few feet out the back door onto the deck with this pool.}  And because it's our own pool in our own backyard we didn't even bother dressing Lucas in his swim trunks.  Just his Little Swimmers.  Heck, next time maybe even naked.

And is it bad that we went ahead and got his baby shampoo out and actually bathed him in the pool?

I mean, we used warm water and it wasn't chlorinated... 

...and he needed a bath anyway... 

...and why waste the water?...  :)

Hey y'all! Check out my pool!

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