Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Crazy Lazy Weekend

Sounds like an oxymoron, eh?  Yeah well, we did a good bit this weekend and somehow it was still a quiet and restful weekend.  With A LOT of naps.  Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge for Sunday was "The Best Bit of your Weekend" and I really meant it with my photo - Naptimes were wonderful.

Oh, and if you aren't already doing a photo a day challenge but are interested I recommend doing Fat Mum Slim's.  It gives you an excuse to takes pictures of something other than your baby.  Yeah, try something outside the box every so often, like, maybe even a door...

IG photo of Naptime

Anywho.  Our weekend started Saturday morning with Hubby cleaning out the garage.  That consisted of him taking everything out of the garage and putting it out on our driveway {making it look like we were having a garage sale}.  I don't think he had anyone coming to check though.  Although we would have freely given some stuff away. 

Hubby broke down more boxes {majority being for Huggies diapers or wipes because we get them by the case at Costco}.  And we had intended on going through all the bins of miscellaneous stuff and clothing to re-consolidate them -- packing some up for donation, etc.  Fortunately we don't have too many more of those bins to go through but I'll have to do that this upcoming weekend instead.

Then Hubby made a trip to the dump to dispose of the cardboard to clear out room and then reorganized everything to put it back into the garage.  The fun began after Hubby found something new in the garage.  A big box with a picture of a new grill on it.  :)  Yep, as a partial Father's Day gift plus "Just because it's Summer", Lucas and I got Daddy a new grill. 

We've been talking about getting one every summer for a few years now.  Some times we want a gas grill and some times charcoal.  So I decided on the best of both and got a new Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill.  But Hubby put off working on the grill for now.  We had other stuff to do.

After cleaning up the garage we went out to our local mall to eat some lunch at the food court.  I wanted to also go because Curious George was visiting for a few hours that day.  Alas the lines were really long to even get a picture with him.  And Lucas is still too young to even know who he is or read his books.  So we opted for no picture.  :(  But yummy food!

Back at home that afternoon the mail had come and with it we got our first Wittlebee box!  More on that another time.  Because we were just too tired to get excited about it at the time. 

So then it was time for the first of many naps - the nap of all naps.  We puppy-piled it on our bed and the three of us took nearly a two hour nap.  Re-fresh-ing!

Then we headed out to a nearby track to watch some drag racing.  Spectators only!  It was a small field of cars so it wasn't too late of a night.  I do think however that the Junior Dragster class is just as big as the main events.  {Some people have some mucho dinero in this area.}

Daddy's on my Pit Crew

Lucas got to wear his ear muffs again.  He did good for the most part but he did try to remove them a few times.  And we brought him wearing this cool "Pit Crew" shirt but quickly changed him into a romper since it was ridiculously hot.

Hubby brought the camera with us to the track {he actually forgot it and we had to make a trip back to the house to get it} expecting me to take my usual photos.  I just wasn't feeling it this time.  I mainly took some photos with my phone.  I didn't take the Canon out until the sun started setting and then it was the skyline I was taking photos of, not the cars.

Phone/IG shot
Phone/IG shot
Next thing we know it's Sunday morning.  Time to dig into that grill box.

"Daddy's Little Helper" and I started out in the garage right alongside Hubby after he had unpacked the box.  At least I was able to help get the base of the grill assembled with him before Lucas started fussing about.  So it was time for us to go back inside the house and try to put Lucas down for a nap.  He didn't want to go in his crib so I could go back out and help Hubby.  {Oh no he didn't!}  So I ended up having to lay down on the couch with him and he finally went to sleep.  Oh darn, I have to take a nap with him?!  Sucks to be me... ;)

And yes, some guys actually DO look at the instructions when assembling.
Doesn't my Turtle look like a little turtle clenched to the stroller?  :)

About an hour or so later Hubby finally came back in the house after completing the grill!  We had decided to heat up the grill {charcoal side} to let it cure and then afterward while it was still hot we could get some dinner out of it.  So Hubby went off to the store to gather the essentials {uh, charcoal} so we could get that started.

Daddy has to show Lucas how it works.

Our first meal on the new grill?  Hamburgers and veggies {eggplant, green pepper and onion} and baked beans.  Sorry, no photos...we ate 'em up too fast.

But now we're ready for our Father's Day cookout this upcoming Sunday when my parents are coming to visit.  :)  Ma, you can bring the Pasta Salad!!

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