Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Time for Prime Time

Ugh.  I've been a slacker with my shows.  The DVR is steadily accumulating more and more.  Well...actually it's at a standstill now since most shows are off for the season.  But then there's still the Summer season getting started.  Fortunately, it's fewer shows we record.  I may even be able to watch them in real time!

I record a TON of shows during the Fall season.  And I used to be able to actually watch most of them while they were on, so then the DVR was just a backup plan.  And I would typically be caught up with shows that would run simultaneously by the following weekend.  But since Lucas made his appearance and I went back to work the DVR has had it's work cut out for it.

I literally have several shows with 5-7 weeks of episodes that am behind on.  Yes.  I am that far behind on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  House?  10 episodes I've missed, practically the whole final season.  Fortunately no one on Facebook has ruined much for me with the story lines I've missed.  I did manage to start on some of them.  Currently I'm working myself through the CSI shows.  {So long Miami!}

When I do get some free time I usually try to catch up on some of my reading instead.  Otherwise I'm most likely in front of the computer editing photos and writing on the blog.  I have tried to watch some of the shows once I get home from work.  I'll let Lucas play on the floor with his toys and start up a show, but then he decides to get all chatty and loud and I can't hear so I have to stop the show.  There have been times where I've made a few attempts on one episode.

But I'm not a total slacker!  I did manage to keep up with a few shows.  With so many that I watch I knew I had to put some on the back burner and only watch a few regularly.  Some that I kept up with include Once Upon a Time, New Girl, Bones and The Finder {I cannot believe that they cancelled it!}.

Other than those, Hubby pretty much had control of the remote.  And most of those I just listed were the shows he would also watch, which explains why those were the ones I remained diligent about, eh?  Ahhh, makes sense now why Grey's Anatomy wasn't a frontrunner!  :)

Otherwise, Hubby pretty much had the tv set on the cooking competition shows or HGTV.  And now?  Well, a few weeks ago when Holli was over babysitting little Lucas I upgraded our tv package.  For some reason, the All Star Race {which was on that particular night} is the only NASCAR race that is NOT on Fox -- rather it was sooo special it was only broadcast on the SPEED channel.  And we didn't have that channel.  Since Holli was doing us such a huge favor I couldn't not have the race for her to watch.  And Hubby wasn't going to be upset about having SPEED.  So I upgraded.  {Yes, Holli, you are that special!}

So now with the new package the tv is more regularly on SPEED and BBC America.  Top Gear marathon anyone??

I've got to make it a point to catch up on more shows.  Once I finish the current book I'm reading I'd like to get on that.  Buuuuut I've got two more already checked out from the library, so I'll have to finish those first.  And it's taking to get through those.  {Reminds me that I need to go online and renew 'em.}  I also just had a new one I preordered that downloaded to my Kindle this week.  I can't believe that television has not kept my interest these days.

So here is a look into my Dish DVR queue:

Okay, way to start it off with a guilty pleasure...Pretty Little Liars just started their new season last night and it had just finished recording.  So yeah, I've already missed the first episode.  I saw it was recording but I was busy doing something for my SIL.  And let me just say that I only started watching PLL last summer because I had moved and stopped working in the middle of my pregnancy.  I was basically at home all day {job searching online of course} and a PLL marathon was on.  So I got caught up from the previous seasons and got started watching it regularly.
Looks like Melissa & Joey are back for a new season as well.  Huh.  How'd I miss that?  That's another one I picked up last summer.  Uh, the Duck Dynasty is not mine.  Although it's crazy funny hilarious I'm just not into the reality {although heavily scripted} television shows.

Already mentioned Grey's and PP.  You can't watch one without the other.  Hello Gossip Girl!  XOXO!  What kind of crazy scandals have I missed??!  And there are the two CSI's I still need to work on.  Since Miami was my last viewing I've dipped into Las Vegas, so that's where I shall pick up at. 

Ah, throw in some of the latest comic movies that Hubby DVR'd too.  Shouldn't take too long to watch those Up All Night episodes.  Wow, Repo Men has been in there for quite some time...I guess I'm not that interested in watching that one.  Ah, and you can just look past that last movie listed {courtesy of a free Showtime weekend!}.

Huh, so it's really not that bad, eh?  Well, I mean the number of shows is manageable.  Just the number of episodes that's over Fifty Hours worth.  Eek!  Oughta keep me busy for a while once I take a break from my reading.  Better get on that.

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