Monday, July 2, 2012

Stir CRAZY Eight

We've gone stir crazy this past month.  This past month being Lucas' eighth month.

Happy Eight Months Baby Boy!

Measurements -- again, no check-up this month and I didn't get around to the vet to see if I could weigh him there again.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see at his nine month appointment.
Milestones -- this is where the stir crazy comment comes in.

I did my army crawling like a Champ and excelled super duper fast around the house.  Eventually I was exploring new rooms.  I love zipping down the hallway to go into my bathroom.  It has one of those things on the floor that puts out air and it's so cool.  So does the entryway.  I like to go straight for the holes in the floor {vents} as often as I can.

I'm also still working on pulling myself up.  Eventually I'm gonna be able to stand up tall like everyone else.

Now that I'm getting mobile I get dirty A LOT now.  I can't keep any outfit clean.  The front of my shirts just collect dirt off of the floors.  So did my socks.  So now I get to wear my shoes more often.  I've got a few pair.  But I got a cool new pair this month because i'm a Rock Star!  Even my teacher said she wanted a pair in her size.  :)

Did you know those furry siblings of mine get to eat off the floor??  It's so cool.  But when I went to dig into one of the bowls it was empty.  And Mama caught me.  More than once.  So then they put up some thing they call a gate.  Then I couldn't even get to it! 

It does have a little doorway.  And I watched those kitties real careful and saw how they got through, and I got through too!  Daddy caught me though.

I'm still trying new foods every week and Mama introduced something called Yogurt.  I wasn't too big of a fan, at first.  It must be too healthy or something.  But eventually I got to liking it.  Oh, and Mama now gives me pieces of fruit in a mesh thingy that I can hold myself.  I love that! 

I also made another attempt with Gerber's Puffs.  If you recall the first time around didn't go so well.  We tried it again and this time I figured out that I can put it into my mouth all by myself.  And I ate about three of them too.  But I kept gagging though.  Even though they had dissovled {Mama checked} so I wasn't actually choking.  But after about the third puff I finally gagged good enough and puked it all up.  I guess I'll have to hold off a little while longer.  Or maybe try a different flavor?

But best of all I love to take naps with Mama and Dada, especially a good nap right before bedtime.

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