Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fourth Down!

I have a Four Month Old!

This past month he's found his feet. He's become a drool monster. And he's been trying to sit up and lean forward on his own. And all that means he's really taken to his Jumper. He's also officially started rolling over [see previous post].

He also enjoyed a little bit of football this month. Super Bowl XLVI, that is. Unfortunately, none of our teams decided to play this year. But we chose the Giants as the lesser evil. It's my Dad's team so I was glad to see them win. How 'bout those commercials, folks? Eh, honestly we went to bed early.

My little Lucas got some sugar this Valentine's Day from the ladies at daycare. I tell ya, this one's gonna be a Heartbreaker! But this year I got to be his Valentine, and maybe for several years to come... I'll have to make sure he knows that girls have cooties at least until he's ten or twelve.

Most importantly is that he had his fourth month pediatric appointment. Here are the important stats!
Weight: 13lb 15oz - just shy of 14lbs - and that's only 25th percentile this time.
Length: 26in - 85th percentile
Head Circumference: 41.5cm - 50th percentile
He also got to get some more shots.  This kid...I swear...every place I take him I get the "He's the happiest baby!"  He had the nurse laughing so hard that she said she really didn't want to have to give him his shots.  But nevertheless she did, and he cried of course, but that was it.  Back to being a happy baby again instantly.  I don't know his secret.
And he is officially going to start on rice cereal and try some YUMMY foods. Now my task, to attempt making my own baby food.


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