Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lessons I've Learned, Chapter One

In these first few months of being a new mom there are definitely things that you may have not been informed of in advance.  I mean the Baby Classes do teach you the basics.  And they try hard to reach other topics and answer other questions that you can possibly think of.  But there are just a few common sense things that don't really click until you've made the mistakes a few times over.

For instance, they teach you how to diaper a baby.  Well, most of you probably had experience diapering babies before, with your younger siblings or cousins or just from babysitting jobs.  Me on the other hand, not so much.  I never had much experience with babies.  I was the youngest growing up.  All my cousins lived several states away.  And my only attempt at babysitting was in college with some mischievous grade school kids.  (Pre-baby Me was NOT a Kid-person.)  

So needless to say I had never changed a diaper.  In the more recent years I did have more opportunities to get some practice but at that point I had set my mind to avoid doing so.  I decided my first diaper would be on my own baby.

So like I said, they teach you the basics of changing a diaper.  They even make sure to mention that if you have a boy to make sure you cover up the family jewels because he will be sure to spray you in the face if he can (or even his own face I might add - yeah, that's happened!).  And of course, even with that preparation it STILL HAPPENS.  Some times the little "teepee" just shoots off from the force - when he's gotta go, he's gotta go.

Here's a "common sense" tidbit that I've learned.  And if we went over it in my Baby Care Class I didn't retain it.  UNFOLD THE DIAPER IN ADVANCE.  Yeah.  Don't get the dirty diaper off and get him all cleaned up before having that new diaper ready and easily accessible.  I've caught my mom not being prepared because she's too busy making goo-goo sounds at Lucas.  (I love you Mom but it's your couch!)  Of course, the same applies when you've bathed him and need to get a new diaper on him.  We make sure we have one out and ready to go before we give him his bath.

And I'm ALL EARS if anyone else has some knowledge to pass on.  Especially those of you who have infants that are just a little bit older than my Lucas.  Because I'm definitely paying attention and learning from your mistakes.  :)  Pass on the wealth of information please!

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