Friday, February 17, 2012


That's what the little stick said. 

One Year Ago...

Oh, didn't think...  Haha, no, sorry to disappoint.

One year ago today I found out I was pregnant.  This is a look back on that day.


February 17, 2011

It's probably about 5am.  I just got up to get ready for work.  First things first.  I gotta pee on that stick that I set out the night before.  ::sigh:: 

Tinkle tinkle drip drip...two to three minutes later...

What???!!!   POSITIVE?!!

I'm in shock.  I sit down on the toilet to ground myself. 

You have to understand why I'm in shock, probably more so than some women might be.  This is the first positive test I've had so I don't doubt the results one bit.  You see I've peed on a lot of sticks over the past five years and they were always negative, not even a false positive.  So seeing this for the first time is a bit surreal.

After I regain my composure (albeit still grinning from ear to ear with the excitement) I realize now Hubby needs to be informed.  How best to tell him??  Should I jump on the bed with the stick in my hand?

Nah, he isn't even home.  You see he had gone the night before to his sister's house.  He has a job interview today and instead of making the drive first thing this morning he decided to go in the night before so he doesn't have to worry about rushing. 

So do I call him with the news?  Nope.  I make the executive decision to hold off and wait for him to get home.  The plan is for him to come home right after the interview and get in around the time I get home.  I don't want to bombard him with this news when he has an important job interview that he needs to focus on.

This is going to be tough!  I have to go about my day with the weight of this news on my shoulders and cannot tell a single soul.  You know Hubby has to be the first one, right?

But I manage.  Of course, I am a bit chipper throughout the day and chomping at the bit to tell someone at work.  But aside from Hubby having to be the first it is also way too early to be telling anyone at my work about my condition.

It's now 5pm.  I'm home.  Hubby is not here yet!  Ugh.  He's running late.  So I wait and wait...  Finally, he's home.  Yay!  Time for the news!  NOPE.

You see, there's another twist to this day.  It's my father-in-law's birthday.  (Happy Birthday Frankie!)  And we have dinner plans with the family and some family friends to meet them at Annabelle's.  We have just enough time for Hubby to settle in and for us to get ready to head over to dinner.  ::sigh::  There is no way I am telling him now and then going to see his family right after.  We're not ready to tell any of the family just yet, it would also be way too early.  I made yet another executive decision to wait.
So we go to dinner.  Let me say that in my new frame of mind I'm Pregnant!  So much has already changed and even more is about to change.  What changes first?  I order a salad and a glass of water.  YUM.  For the next hour and a half I am mostly quiet.  I don't know what to say without giving anything away.  It's getting later and later and we've finished our meals, why are we still here??  Hubby, "we need to go...", "we need to go..."  Can I not nag you enough?? 

Hubby must think I really need to get home to go to the bathroom or something if I keep bugging him.  But he is really one to drag out a conversation, especially if it's with his Dad and the topic is racing.  FINALLY, we get to go home! 

We're home.  Now what?  How do I tell him I'm PREGNANT?  Do I just tell him bluntly or do I come up with some clever and creative way to tell him?  Well, it's a bit too late for creativity.  But I can't tell him bluntly.  That's just not me.  So now we're home and I still can't tell him just yet.  I've got to come up with something.

Here it is.  You see, I have one of those cardboard boxes for jewelry, one for a bracelet so it's long.  The pee stick fits in it perfectly.  So I put it in the box.  No wait, I don't just put it in the box.  First I put it in a plastic baggy and then the box.  (I don't want any bodily fluids actually ruining the box so I can't use it again, right?)  My plan is to give it to him as a late gift since Valentine's Day was just three days ago.  So that's the plan.

Happy Valentine's!  I got you a MARKER!
Here it goes.  Hubby is already settled in the bed for the evening.  I hop on the bed with my box.  "I have a late Valentine's gift for you."  Hubby takes the box and opens it...  His face is, confused.  He tells me later that he thought it was a marker at first.  A MARKER??  What kind of markers do you use buddy??

You can see it on his face when he finally realizes what it is.  (The fact that it's the test that flat out says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT should have helped him out a little sooner.)  His face is beaming.  "Really?", Hubby says.  "That's what it says," I say.  And I reiterate the fact that I've never had a false positive before so I'm inclined to believe it.  But of course, we have to see the Doctor to confirm.

We spend the rest of the evening talking over our new found Baby Bliss. 

This is the moment I first knew I would meet my little Lucas.

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