Monday, February 27, 2012

Lessons I've Learned, Chapter Two

Now this is one that they definitely didn't teach us in my Baby Care Class.  And it won't apply to all.  I just apparently have a baby that loves to spit up.  It doesn't appear to be from overfeeding because I'll give him his "usual" and sometimes he's still hungry so I might give him just a little more.  We're at a point where he's starting to want a little bit more at feeding time, but we haven't fully upped his intake.

So, the lesson I've learned: ALWAYS CARRY AROUND A BURP CLOTH.  We keep one at his crib so that when we get him out to leave the room we'll have it on us.  And we keep one at the couch where we typically feed him.  That's pretty much the two places we keep in steady rotation.  Of course, I'm extra careful in the mornings before I go to work.  I don't want to run late due to having to change my outfit.  The evenings I'm not so mindful.

And this lesson was reinforced this weekend when my parents visited.  Lucas just all of a sudden spit up a ton when his Nana was holding him.  He mostly got himself covered in it but boy was it one degree from being projectile.

I think that a good part of why we need this so much is also because he's started drooling excessively the past month.  He still hasn't popped his first tooth yet but we keep thinking it could happen any day now.  And I think we are getting very close based on this past weekend.  So he's definitely a very drool-y baby.  His daycare actually requested we bring in bibs when he hadn't needed them at all before.  He now goes through them often.  Good thing we have tons!

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