Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Are Young

Cue the music!

Is Lucas too young to be getting phone calls?

The other day I got a call on my phone and it was an automated message from his Pediatrician reminding us about his next appointment. "If LUCAS is available to accept this message, please press 1." I had to laugh! I was picking him up from daycare at the time. So I pass him the phone and I say "Lucas, you have a call!" The ladies got a laugh out of it.

Another thing, not so funny, rather annoying actually, is that I get mail from the AARP. Granted it always has the middle initial "O" which is definitely not me so they obviously have me confused with someone else. I mean I'm not even 30 yet! Sure I'd love to retire...but stop sending me this stuff. I actually did return one of the mailings one time. "RETURN TO SENDER - I AM NOT OLD!" I think is what I wrote on it.

Don't make us both grow up too fast.

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