Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: B is for...

This week's Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter B!

Boogers - So the past month Lucas has been congested quite often and I've had to do the whole Saline up the nose and drain with the Bulb syringe.  Ugh.  We all hate it, don't we?  But it works.  Also, my dear Sister Amber had given me some Boogie Wipes at one of my showers and we'll use those to help get the crustiness off of his nose.  Come on, Lucas...why won't you let me pick your nose?!

Bathtime - Lucas LOVES his baths.  I get him all washed up (don't forget behind his ears) and then it's a little bit of playtime.  Just a little because I don't want him to get too cold too quickly.  And then I pass off his wriggly self to Hubby with the towel.  I swear he takes his time too, as if Lucas isn't slipping out of my hands!  Then it's a short run to the changing table to get him dried off and diapered before he thinks of any funny business.  He even thinks it's funny when I slather baby lotion all over him. 

This video he was extra giggly!

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  1. And no, we don't always put the turtle towel on him. That's just to cover up for photos. Although he makes such a cute turtle. :)


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