Monday, July 30, 2012

On Cloud Nine

Well, my dear Lucas, you are now Nine months old.  So much has happened this past month and I just can't believe all the accomplishments.

Finally had another check up (no shots this time - Yay!) and here are your numbers.

Weight: 18lb 5oz (28%)
Length/Height: 28.5" (56.5%)
Head: 45cm (50%)

These are all slight improvements since our last unofficial measurements.  Our doctor thinks Lucas is doing really well!

And now a word from the boy himself.  :)


This month we celebrated the Fourth of July!  A few days before we went to Mama's friends' house where they had a cookout and fireworks.  Boy were those loud.  On the actual Fourth we had Dada'd family over to our house and cooked out some too.  And we went swimming!

And on the Fifth of July my two toothies finally cut through.

Then Mama and Dada went away for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary and I got to spend the weekend with Nana and Grandpa.  I sure gave them a run for their money.  As active as I have become just this past month I don't think they were ready for me.  Hehe.

Not much longer and I really started pulling myself up on everything.

We also went on my second trip to Florida.  {My first trip was when I was only four weeks old to visit my Great-Grandma at Thanksgiving time.}  We went this time to go to a wedding for Dada's cousin.  We stayed in a great big house where I got to swim every day.  And they also had stairs for me to climb!

And then most recently, this past weekend, we went to my first circle track race.  We went to Orange County Speedway to watch the stock cars race.  Boy it sure is louder than Dada's drag races.

So much more growing to do!!

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